Wedding Registries

Do you need a wedding registry? Find out why wedding registries are important and how to select wedding registry gifts.

If you plan to get married soon, you are not alone. Each year, many weddings take place across the country. In fact, more weddings are expected to take place in 2022 in the U.S. than have taken place in a single year in almost four decades. The last boom year for U.S. weddings was 1984. However, knowing you are in good company probably does not erase the stress of wedding planning for you.

If you are the bride or groom, planning your own wedding might be one of the most stressful tasks you ever perform. There are many aspects to consider, from choosing a venue to selecting flowers and food. You have to stay on budget, on task, and on schedule. That is why it is easy to overlook certain important steps in the process. One of those steps is creating a wedding registry. Below is useful information to help make the process of wedding registry creation easier and faster for you.

What is a Wedding Registry?

You may wonder what a wedding registry is. It is simply a list you and your partner put together of items you both want. Your loved ones use that list to shop for gifts to give to you in honor of your marriage. You may also wonder if you actually need a wedding registry. Technically, you do not. Your loved ones can try to use their own judgment to select gifts for you. However, that can cause several problems, including:

  • Not Receiving Items You Need

  • Receiving Items You Already Have

  • Receiving Items You and Your Partner Do Not Like

  • Having No Physical Space in Your Home for Unexpected Large Items Received

A wedding registry can also help loved ones who otherwise have difficulty making decisions. In short, it keeps everyone organized and thinking along the same lines. It also helps to prevent two loved ones from buying the same unless you add more than one to your list because each item is removed from the list once it is purchased.

What Types of Items Are Usually on Wedding Registries?

Wedding registries can contain any types of items. Traditional registries often list necessary or desired household items, such as kitchen gadgets. Registries can also contain less practical items couples simply desire, such as hobby-related items. Each wedding registry is different. However, wedding resources like The Knot have compiled lists of popular items many couples add to their registries.

It is also important to note modern technology has changed the way many couples approach wedding registry creation. Today, several additional options are available that were not available when previous generations tied the knot. For example, couples can now easily add items like gift cards or charitable donations to online wedding registries. Plane Tickets, dinner reservations, and artwork are just a few of the many other non-traditional items that often appear on modern wedding registries.

What Are Some Popular Online Retail Websites Offering Wedding Registries?

One of the most important decisions to make before creating a wedding registry is where to register. Most major retailers now offer wedding registry creation options. Many of those retailers are easily accessed online. Using online wedding registry creation, you and your partner can browse at your leisure from any location. You can add items to your registry with a click of a button. 

As mentioned above, The Knot is one of the top wedding advice websites. It also has its own wedding registry. Here are some of the other top websites where you can create wedding registries online:

Despite the popularity of those websites, you do not need to stick to them. You can create a registry with any website that offers the service. Consider where you and your partner like to shop and the things you enjoy. Then you can select the best wedding registries to meet your needs.

When Should You Create a Wedding Registry?

“When should I create a wedding registry?” is a question you may still have. The answer depends on the plans you and your partner make. To make that decision, remember the purpose of a wedding registry. It helps your loved ones select gifts. Therefore, you need to make one well before any event requiring gifts. 

There are several events leading up to a wedding that may require gifts. For example, you might opt to have an engagement party. You might also choose to schedule a bridal shower. If either of those is likely, create your registry soon after your engagement. You may also opt to forego other parties in favor of focusing solely on your wedding reception. If so, you have a bit longer to set up a wedding registry.

How Should You Create a Wedding Registry?

The easiest way to create a wedding registry these days is online. You can create more than one registry online as well. Select your favorite retailers with your partner to make that decision, but keep your loved ones in mind. You have to notify them of where you are registered, so registering in too many separate places is potentially confusing. You can use an online universal registry to organize all your desired gifts in one place, if that is the case.

Another option is to create a wedding registry in person at a retail store near your home. It may seem less convenient, but it does have some potential advantages. Often, a staff member can walk around the store with you and make suggestions. That extra opinion may help you, if you and your partner are having trouble deciding on items to add.

How Do You Decide What Items to Put on Your Own Wedding Registry?

Ultimately, the items you add to your wedding registry are entirely up to you and your partner. However, there is still a process to follow. Start by discussing the items you really need. Then move on to adding extra items you want. Also, consider the loved ones who are using the registry.  The amount and price ranges of the gifts you add must reflect the number of loved ones likely to use the registry and the likely differences in their many budgets.