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Make a Confident Software Decision With Our Comprehensive Manufacturing Software Buyers Guide

Do you need to make a confident & informed software decision for your growing business? Read our comprehensive manufacturing software buyers guide today.Manufacturing software can boost the productivity of your business. There are multiple types of manufacturing software, including enterprise resource planning, capacity requirements planning, customer relationship management, inventory management, demand management and many more. How do you know what type of manufacturing software is best for your business? What types of businesses benefit the most from using manufacturing software? It is also important to understand the value and benefits of manufacturing software to your business’ growth plan. What type of manufacturing software is the most commonly used today? Read our comprehensive manufacturing software buyers guide below and make a confident and informed decision for your growing business today.


Ways Manufacturing Software Boosts Business Productivity

Multiple types of manufacturing software are available to boost the productivity of your business today. The benefits of using such software are as numerous as they are profound. A primary goal of any business is to maintain a market edge over its competitors. Problems with the operation and functionality of supply chains and unexpected maintenance expenses set business behind their marks. Time spent sorting through superfluous/duplicate data entries and accounting errors are also counterproductive to competitive and financial gains.

Manufacturing software boosts business productivity by using advanced technology to automate certain tasks previously prone to potential human error. It increases visibility and foresight regarding possible upcoming expenses. Manufacturing software also creates greater real-time connectivity and understanding with customer bases and their constantly growing needs and desires as modern consumers. Further, manufacturing software provides businesses with a distinct level of operational precision, which optimizes overall output and production levels.

How Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Drive the Manufacturing Software Business

Of the various types of manufacturing software available, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the type primarily driving the business today. A company such as SYSPRO goes so far as to self-proclaim its ERP software is the difference between operational chaos and control for your business. An effective ERP creates real-time, comprehensive analytics data in all your departments/divisions. An ERP also improves customer service via automated order tracking, scheduling, inventory management and more. Costs are reduced when effectively using an ERP through the reduction of human error and constant monitoring of company finances. An ERP also helps grow your business by automatically optimizing warehouse space, streamlining applicable operations, expanding your customer base/market regions and simplifying your business processes. A primary benefit of using an ERP is it manages all these tasks from one centralized, company-wide-accessible location. 

Before purchasing an ERP program it is important to be able to differentiate between traditional and postmodern ERP systems. Traditional ERPs are singular programs capable of reaching every department and element of your business. There are several options to choose from, however the amount of those options is limited based on how the ERP was created. Postmodern ERPs reach every department and element of your business as well, while also providing specialized software for more unique functions. There is almost unlimited flexibility and customizable options in a postmodern ERP not available in traditional systems. Finally, ERPs are available as local or cloud-based systems. Similar to the postmodern options, cloud-based ERPs offer more flexibility and features. Cloud-based ERPs also save your business money when you purchase from companies with flexible pay-as-used price plans.

Types of Businesses Most Likely to Benefit from Manufacturing Software

Certain types of businesses are most likely to benefit from using an ERP system. The first type is an actual manufacturing business such as the Ford Motor Company, which manufactures automobiles, or Modine, which manufactures heat transfer products. Other types of businesses most likely to benefit from using and ERP system include construction, medical/healthcare, retail and wholesale companies. Each of these business types have areas where an ERP is capable of increasing business productivity, streamlining financial record-keeping, increasing customer interconnectivity and preemptively managing potential expenses and projected profits. 

Additional Types of Manufacturing Software

While ERP systems are the primary type of manufacturing software in use, other types are also available. It is important to note how some ERPs might contain some of the software types and functions as listed herein below. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps your business manage customer data and relationships by storing contact information, potential leads, notes on each account such as amounts owed or recent purchases and more. Capacity requirements planning (CRP) software helps your business assess how many of each type of applicable product must be manufactured to meet financial and other goals. It also helps predict if your company has the ability to meet those goals, and alters production schedules accordingly when deemed necessary. 

Financial-based manufacturing software platforms track your profits and manage your business ledgers. They also handle accounts payable/receivable tasks, management of fixed assets and risks, reporting, taxes and multi-currency management. Inventory-based manufacturing software platforms manage current inventory, needed inventory, purchasing accounts and supply/demand projections regarding raw materials, supplies and other inventory-based issues and tasks. 

Understanding the Value of Manufacturing Software for Your Business

Understanding the value of manufacturing software for your business, especially a high-quality comprehensive ERP, is crucial to making the right choice for your business’ growth. An effective ERP provides an elevated form of business intelligence across all your departments by placing all relevant information into a centralized location accessible to authorized company members.
  • How much growth do you expect for your business in one year?

  • How much growth do you expect for your business in five to ten years or longer?

  • Is it possible to accurately predict your company’s growth ratio going forward without the use of an effective ERP in such a technology-driven market and modern climate?

A company such as Tesla created its own internal ERP to manage growth and business processes. While this is not possible for most businesses, other software companies such as Oracle, NetSuite, Sage and Fishbowl Manufacturing fortunately all make high-quality ERPs available to help grow your business today.