Ticket Sales

Heading out to the cinemas is a fun and pleasant occasion. However, getting in line to buy film tickets can take quite a bit of time. You may need to hurry to get snacks and miss out on getting great seats. To avoid the hassles that buying tickets in person may bring, it's best to but tickets online.

Go to an internet browser and type "movies near me." You can also type in the title of the film you want to see which movie theaters are showing them. Select the one you prefer and visit the site to start buying. 

If you are not sure of which movie to see, click on film postings to see which movies are available, read IDMB profiles and check movie ratings. Once you decide, check available schedules and locations and make your pick. 

Tickets to blockbusters may be hard to come by during the first showings, so make sure you buy your tickets early to get good seats.

You have several websites where you can purchase movie tickets, so be sure to check ticket availability in more than one, you might get lucky.

Tips and Tricks to Buying Tickets

Tickets used to be sold in person. You needed to have to walk down to the box office or write a letter with payment to get your tickets. Today things are much different. Most tickets are bought online. Buying your tickets online can be both a blessing and a curse. 

Whether you are in the market for sports tickets, concert tickets or other popular events tickets, you have your work cut out for you.

To buy tickets online simply follow these instructions:
  1. You go to the webpage or download the app.
  2. Sign up for an account and put your information in.
  3. Wait for the tickets for your event to start selling. The second they go on sale, select the number of tickets you want, hit "Buy".
  4. You will get approved or, if the tickets already sold out, denied.
  5. Tickets will be emailed, mailed or you may need to get them in person at the box office on the day of the event.
For super popular events like playoffs or really big stars, you may want to try some alternatives. Some credit cards will give you benefits that allow you to purchase tickets during the pre-sale. Some celebrities or sports teams have fan clubs that you can sign up for to gain access to resales. You can also search for social media for pre-sale codes. 

If tickets have gone on sale and you didn't get any, you can try the resale market. Major ticket companies have their own resale areas on their website. Resales need to be authorized and approved to make sure they are legitimate, and sellers are vetted.

Some online marketplaces sell fake tickets or offer little no guarantee, and some of them offer no reimbursements, so before buying, be sure the ticket is legitimate and that the place is reputable. Check with friends and read onlin reviews on the site to be sure you can trust it.

If you are planning to go with a large group of people, then have multiple people on multiple accounts trying to get tickets. If you all end up with tickets, you can do your best to get rid of them on the ticketing site's resale area. Some sites allow you to sell tickets back for a very limited time after purchase. 

Make sure that you sign up for an account before you buy tickets. If you don't sign up for an account beforehand, you will probably lose out on the tickets you scored after waiting for the timer to count down. You can also call the box office and get tickets that way. This is handy for events that don't sell out right away.

Box offices sometimes will release tickets in waves, to online purchasers. This means that buying your ticket right away could mean that you have a worse seat than if you had waited. Giving the box office a jingle will allow you to ask for the seating that you want.