How to Find Tablet Deals

Today, everything happens online and to stay up to date you need to carry a device with you. While smartphones are everyone's favorite, when conducting business, the size screen may be a problem. Tablets might be a better fit.

Smartphones are often too compact to be ergonomic for certain work, while laptops are heavier, take up more space and may require additional accessories.Tablets have been around for a long time in the tech world, yet many still don't view it as an option.

What advantages does a tablet have?

As technology develops, using a phone for tasks that previously required a laptop or desktop computer is becoming the new normal. However, the small size of phone screens and the lack of computing power means that there are still certain benefits to owning a laptop.

Laptops have more memory, better RAM, it's easier to write and review information, searches are more easily conducted, they have several additional and very useful functions phones don't. Given the needs of the market, a hybrid between phones and laptops, tablets were built.

Tablets have a larger screen and more power than a phone, yet smaller and lighter than a computer. These machines also have more storage capacity and better speakers, along with longer battery life.

If you work constantly with documents, analyze reports and stats, email and run several programs, a tablet may be the best choice.

How expensive is a tablet?

There are quite a few different companies that sell tablets. Even Amazon and Google had their own versions. One of the most popular brands in tablets today is Apple, with a variety of options you can choose from and even customize to suit your needs.

The main difference between tablets is their operative system: iOS (Apple), Windows, Fire OS (Amazon) and Android (almost every other brand). While the first is fast, sleek and visually appealing, the second has open code and is highly customizable, it can be tweaked by any developer or tech enthusiast. 

In terms of apps, Android has a larger offer, but today most apps can be found for both OS. When it comes to pricing, Android devices tend to be cheaper.  

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Overall, depending on what model you are looking for, you can spend anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. Consider what you need and review:
  • the size of the screen
  • battery life
  • storage size
  • operating system
  • speed
  • screen and sound quality

How to find the best tablet deals?

Look for deal sites

There are dozens of sites dedicated to finding deals in tech and electronics. Make sure you subscribe and activate deal alerts to get the best offers.

Consider buying refurbished devices or older versions

If the device you want is too expensive, consider buying refurbished devices and save quite a few dollars in the process. Older versions instantly become cheaper the moment a new model is launched. Keep and eye out for launches and you can get the tablet you wanted at a cheaper price.

Consider special discounts

Are you a student? Or have more than 60 years of age? You may be able to purchase your tablet for a discounted price.

Take advantage of Black Friday and CyberMonday

A great way to find a newer tablet at a cheaper price is by looking out for Black Friday deals, which drastically reduce the cost of technology items.

The latest devices may go for under $200 during Black Friday. Many types of tablets will have a reduced price during this time, so you can even find extremely cheap ones that are a few years old.