Best Routing Software for 2023

Looking for a way to keep your costs down? Consider a routing software for your mobile workforce and start saving today!

If you are a business owner and looking for ways to cut costs or save money, then routing software may just be the solution. Consider how much time your workforce wastes stuck in traffic or on the road. In an economy where time is money, every minute your workers do not spend with a client is wasted time. Streamlining your travel time and route can be the key to saving you hundreds of dollars each money, if not more. Routing software is not expensive and could be one of the single-most useful tools in your business building arsenal. 

What is route planning software? 

Route planning software is more than a digital map. The sophisticated software on the market, utilized by businesses, selects the most efficient route, avoids delays due to accidents or road closures, and adds more time back into your workers’ day. That is more time for meetings, and more time to generate leads. Many of the products allow you to keep track of your fleet vehicles including how the driver is driving, as well as scheduling your outside sales force. If your business is more delivery oriented, then there is a routing application for you, too. 

Dynamic Routing Software: Will it benefit you?

Routing software, once deployed accurately, is more than a time saver. Many of the top rated routing software also allows companies to increase on-time delivery, reduce travel expenses, and increase operational efficiency.  Here is the cream of the crop when it comes to routing software for the year. They were selected for their affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

1. Badger Maps

Badger Maps is perfect if you have a salesforce that is on the road a lot. Reps only have to plug in the destinations for the day (or even the week or month), and the software automatically plans routes and boasts a savings of 20% in driving time between destinations. Outside sales forces give this app a resounding high five because it also offers features such as customer data visualization, lead generation and check-ins. If used as instructed by the people at Badger state you will gain back up to eight hours of administrative time spent on these tasks. Other features include advanced reporting of territories, sales activity and can integrate with most commonly used CRMS. 

Price: Two pricing tiers: $49 for Business, $95 for Enterprise. They do offer a free week trial to try it out. 

Good for: sales teams and outside salespeople

2. RouteSavvy

If your company utilizes a fleet delivery, then RouteSavvy is the go-to. This is a web based service so that your work force can input multiple locations for the day, and then the software selects the most efficient route. This routing software uses Bing Maps and has an expanded view so that managers can see where everyone is while on the road. Plan for the entire fleet with just one app. 

Price: Several tiers: $300 annually (up to three users). If you have more than three users then it is an additional $100 per user, per year.  There is a 14-day free trial. 

Good for: Small to mid-sized fleets.

3. C2Logix

Is your company service-based? C2Logix offers route optimization for companies such as recycling or waste management fleet vehicles, city fleet management, and other similar industries. Unlike other routing software, this interface presents three or more possible routes with travel times so that users can select which optimized route is preferred. This is particularly useful if you have drivers who will be on the road overnight. Additional features include job dispatching, advanced reporting, and vehicle tracking. 

Price: Based on the size of your fleet.

Best for: Big and small businesses who have five or more drivers. Particularly useful for municipalities, city maintenance workers, or overnight trucking companies.  

4. MobilIQ

If you own a small business or have a delivery company, then MobilIQ is a brilliant solution. They were one of the first in the field of routing software and continue to be one of the most popular routing software companies. It is popular in large part because it is so highly customizable. It can import and integrate from a wide variety of CRMS, excel, QuickBooks and more. It is user friendly, comes with video tutorials, and allows you to manage your fleet without having to spend months learning how to use it. 

Price:  Customized pricing depending on what you want. Starting price is $97 a month. 

Good for: Delivery businesses, Small Businesses, and fleet management

5. LogiNext

LogiNext is a very popular routing software because it offers several different products under one roof. Most of its software is cloud based, so it is accessible from practically anywhere. The Route Optimization software is a popular product as is its Last Mile Delivery option. If you have an outside sales force, then the software titled Field Workforce Optimization helps streamline the process and provides reports so you can gain insight into wasteful expenditures. Key features of these products include the ability to manage dispatch schedules, update delivery routes in real time, organizing logistics and scheduling your salesforce, even if they are on the road. 

Price: $20 a month gets you started. 

Good for: Businesses that are both small and large and who need dispatch capabilities as well as management of delivery routes.