Guide to Towing Service

As you research for the proper towing service company to fit your needs, you will come across several establishments. The sheer amount of businesses available can make finding the right towing establishment seem like a hassle. But finding the proper one can prevent future stresses.

If you are considering changing tow truck service businesses, then you will find information on the best ones in the country. Each company will have many services at varying price points. For instance, certain businesses will provide fuel assistance but others will not. Continue reading the following sections to find out which companies will serve your roadside needs best.

Things to Know About Towing Service Companies

Although there are several good towing service companies with equally good services, you must find a company that serves you. There are certain methods you can implement to find a towing business that suits your needs. 

How much experience a company has in this industry is the first detail to look for. When an establishment does not send an experienced roadside mechanic when your car breaks down, then that is an issue. You can check online reviews to learn about their reputation and experience and compare it with the reviews of other companies. 

Asking about the price is vital but inquiring about the fees is just as necessary. Since every establishment is different, their fees will vary as well. As the customer, you must decide whether these fees are reasonable. Moreover, if you would rather get this information from a person, you can always call the number on their website.  

Best Roadside Service

The company Best Roadside Service is considered the number one towing service in the country. The company offers several services, even at their first-tier plan. For example, with their first tier plan, you can get:
  • 75 miles of towing before charging.
  • Flat tire change.
  • $100 towards lost keys.
Their services cover a variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. Additionally, they have 24-hour services for jumpstarting your battery, repairing a flat tire, lockouts, and more. This tow truck service also provides six service calls per year, per vehicle. This means two extra calls than the average towing company.

Furthermore, Best Roadside Service offers three gallons of gas for free, which is unusual for towing companies. When you pay for their annual membership, you receive a 24-hour concierge. This service is useful for frequent travelers who need to reserve a hotel room or rent a car. 


Also known as the American Automobile Association, this company is another popular road assistance establishment. The AAA will provide typical roadside services like winching, towing, emergency starting, and more. But the towing establishment also offers plenty of car information to their customers. This can include but is not limited to:
  • Auto maintenance advice.
  • Automotive news.
  • Information about gas prices.
The AAA lowest tier plan allows customers to receive some money in case of an emergency. Customers can receive up to $100 in emergency funds, so long as they provide proper identification. During roadside recovery, their lowest membership allows up to five free miles per tow, which is typical of most companies. 

In order to receive more free miles, customers must pay for a higher membership. The AAA also provides fuel delivery, but it costs extra with a basic membership.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

This towing company offers emergency roadside assistance but more commonly for RVs. The standard auto services, costing $49.95, provide typical coverage, like five miles of free towing. One service that stands out among the other companies is service station towing. Good Sam will not charge a fee when they tow the vehicle to the closest service station. 

Another benefit even the standard auto plan has is the emergency fuel and fluid service. When you call them for breakdown assistance, Good Sam can provide you with the fluids necessary. However, you must pay for the fluids. The towing company also offers five gallons of gas for free with the Platinum Complete plan. 

Additionally, a third benefit is the level of coverage. Good Sam Roadside Assistance gives coverage in mainland U.S. and its territories such as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Allstate Motor Club

This company provides specific roadside cover plans tailored to different types of vehicle owners. Alongside typical roadside assistance services, there are also affordable plans with arrest coverage. Each plan offers a certain level of coverage towards arrest bonds when you are driving in a covered vehicle. Allstate also offers trip interruption coverage in their most basic plan, which is unlike most companies.

Allstate Motor Club also prides itself on having roadside assistance arrive on time. The establishment will provide a guarantee that the tow truck will arrive in 30 minutes for most cases. If they do not arrive on time, then the company will take 25 percent off the membership fee for the following payment. 

Furthermore, Allstate gives several rewards for people who are good citizens. When a covered vehicle was stolen, the towing business will reward a witness for helping lead to the arrest. If an individual has pertinent information on a hit and run conviction, then Allstate will pay them for this as well.