Top Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software allows users to directly connect into a networked computer. Discover some of the top remote desktop software for 2021.

Remote desktop software is a type of program that allows you to access another user’s network without being present. Remote desktop software is most commonly used by help desk and other tech support teams. There are several benefits associated with remote desktop software. The biggest advantage is convenience, allowing tech support to work with a number of users without leaving their office. It can also be used to quickly share information, allowing one user to share information you do not want to publicly store or upload. It is also a great way to provide troubleshooting for individuals who struggle with technology, such as senior citizens.

There are few downsides to using remote software. For most users, the biggest issue is security, as computers become more vulnerable when remote desktop software is in use. A smaller issue with remote desktop software is users can become overly reliant on it, requesting remote assistance for all their issues.

When to Use Remote Desktop Software

While it has always been popular, remote desktop software saw a popularity surge in 2020 and 2021. This is because remote desktop software is commonly used by employees who work from home. The software allows employees to connect directly to the work network, which makes it easier to share information with colleagues. It is also important if you work in a specialized field that requires unique software you would not have on your home computer.

Many large companies use remote desktop software for troubleshooting. For smaller businesses, it is less common, since an in-house tech support team can typically travel directly to the user. Companies that provide tech support, such as Apple and Microsoft, use remote desktop software to fix more complex issues.


RemotePC is one of the most popular remote computer software programs available. Part of the popular comes from how easy it is to use the program. It does not have as many extra options compared to other software, but many users find the lack of extra features makes the software more user friendly. The key features it includes are cloud technology, which allows users to connect to computers through a web-based application. There is also a mobile app, so you can connect to a desktop even if you are nowhere near your computer. Another useful feature is built-in voice support, allowing users to communicate without relying on an outside program.

RemotePC provides a 30-day free trial to users. There are several yearly plans available. As of writing, individual plans start at $29.50, while team plans are $249.50. The company frequently provides discounted rates throughout the year.

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support

Dameware is mostly used by tech support teams because of the complexity. In a business setting, it allows multiple users to remotely connect to an administrator account. This allows the administrator to directly connect to any desktop without the user having to do anything. There are even options to access a computer when it is asleep. From the administrator account, you can also lock and unlock accounts, reset passwords and change file access permissions.

Because the program works off of an administrator account, you do not need to purchase individual accounts for each user. SolarWinds also does not use a subscription-based service, so you only pay a one-time fee. Currently, Dameware costs $407 to install. You can also request a 14-day free trial before committing to a purchase.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is another cloud based remote access tool. In terms of pricing, Zoho is one of the best programs, since it offers a wide variety of plans. However, each plan provides a different level of support, so it can be confusing to purchase the right plan. The basic plan costs $8 a month and provides file transfers, remote reboot options, shared screen capture and the ability to run two sessions at once. Most of the plans are available to individual technicians, but there are also larger packages that support up to 25 technicians at a time. You can also get a discounted rate if you sign up for a yearly plan.


GoToMyPC is one of the newest remote desktop programs, but it is quickly gaining in popularity. Because it is a newer program, it was designed with more than just computers in mind. The program is available on Android and Apple phones as well as iPads. The program also features top of the line security options, including dual passwords and end-to-end authentication. Data is encrypted, to keep any outside user from sneaking into the system. In the workplace, GoToMyPC allows multiple users to connect at the same time. This is helpful for employees who need to give a group presentation, but are not in the same location.

GoToMyPC is primarily built with businesses in mind. The base account costs $41.50 a month and allows up to 50 users. A free seven-day trial is also available.

Parallels Access

Parallels Access is one of the most unique remote desktop programs. It is designed entirely for mobile devices. This is one of the most helpful programs for technicians who are constantly on the go, or for businesses that require immediate tech support at odd hours. Because it is only intended for mobile devices, it is also one of the most affordable programs, only costing $19.99 for a year subscription.