Games To Keep You Entertained at Home

Quarantine means everyone needs to stay indoors as much as possible, something that may not sit well with kids. 
Having to constantly stay indoors will undoubtedly lead to boredom and annoyance. After reading a few books and spending endless hours in front of the TV, you may want to opt for something else. How about a game?

The extraordinary thing about games is that amusement never ends. Games provide dynamic choices, frequently including others. Gaming engages your intellect, instills a sense of progress and of course, fun, which can often lead to hours of entertainment. Having fun games to keep your kids entertained at home during these days can really make everything better. Discover some of the best games kids of all ages to play indoors below and banish boredom for good!

Classic Games

Tic Tac Toe

Take a sheet of paper and some markers. Draw three horizontal lines and draw three vertical lines that will make nine squares. One person picks a square and draws an "x" or an "o" in the middle of it. If they choose an "x", the next person will draw an "o" and visa versa until someone can make three "x"s or "o"s in a row wins!


This game can also be played with a sheet of paper and markers. Someone picks a word and draws a series of dashes for each letter.

The other players guess the letters and when someone guesses wrong, the leader starts drawing out a "stick" hangman with the head, then the neck and so on. A full body hangman will be drawn if nobody guesses correctly. The player to guess the word first wins!

If you prefer a more age-appropriate alternative, they can build a snowman instead.

Online Game Sites

The site provides free educational games for kids in grades Pre-K through eight. Not only does the website offer hundreds of games but they have also expanded to online books, comics and videos to help develop math, literacy and problem-solving skills.

They are a family-owned website that provides kid-friendly online games. Their games are age-appropriate for Kindergarten through seventh grade. They also provide fun driving games where kids can race cars with only their mouse.

Other Fun Games for Kids

I Spy

This classic indoor game has been played by virtually every generation at some point. The game can be played with two or more people. One person looks around the room until they spot something of a certain color, size or shape. Once spotted, they say the classic phrase, "I spy with my little eye something. . . " Then they give the rest of the players a one-word description of the object. For example, they spy a green marble sitting on the table ("I spy with my little eye something green".)

The other players have to guess what they spied. The person that guesses right will be the next one to spy another object.

Simon Says

This is another classic game that has been played for ages. The caller starts with "Simon Says. . ." and asks the rest of the players to do something, such as "hop" or "touch their nose." 

Sometimes the caller will say "hop" without giving the command "Simon Says" to throw the players off track, which eliminates the player if they follow the instruction. The game ends when one player is left.