Manage Your Schedule Online

If you run an appointment or booking based business, you may wish to use online booking software.

This guide will detail the best online calendars and the best online scheduling tools for your convenience. Do you run an appointment-based or booking-based business? Are you looking for easy ways to streamline your business, organize your calendar, and maximize your revenue? Consider an online booking system to transform your client experience and business practices, increase your efficiency, and boost profits. This guide will detail everything you need to know about online booking software including what it is, the best online calendars, the best online scheduling platforms, and the costs of software for online booking.

What Is Online Booking Software? 

Online booking is software that allows clients to self-book their appointments or accommodations online. Whereas the traditional method of answering the phone and manually booking clients can work well, online booking increases your reach in multiple ways. Since online booking can extend past operating hours, you have the chance to pull in clientele who can only book on off-hours. Secondly, it gives you the chance to up-sell certain features while they are booking easily. Thirdly, it can accommodate clients paying up-front for services which increases your revenue immediately. 

Online booking software also provides you with multiple special tools that can help you grow your business. For instance, they can provide important data concerning the types of customers you appeal to at-large, leading to targeted marketing. 

If you wish to maintain direct contact with your clients, through the phone or face- to-face booking, you may wish to organize your business through online calendars. Rather than writing your appointments or bookings by hand, which can be prone to error, you can use dedicated calendar software. In this way, you will never lose track of appointments and you will decrease your chance of becoming disorganized. 

Best Online Calendars

Online calendars can be helpful for any booking-based business, as they assist you with organization. The best online calendars available online include: 

Google Calendar

Price: Free

Google Calendar is an excellent option if you are looking for a free app. It is also simple, which makes it incredibly easy to use. That said, it does include many features such as the option or share calendars. This may be an ideal feature for businesses with multiple staff members who need access to the same calendar. Furthermore, you can create more than one calendar which may be ideal for teams that command their own stations such as hair salons, nail salons, or spas. 

Microsoft Outlook Calendar 

Price: $0 to $20/month 

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a great option if you wish to combine your email, calendar, and contacts. You can share and compare calendars with others. You can also look at your calendar from different angles such as monthly, weekly, and daily. 

Apple Calendar

Price: Free

If your business or team runs on Apple products, Apple Calendar may be a great calendar program for you. It is a simple and streamlined solution to booking, and it is easy to use. You can even sync it with voice control to make it even easier. 


Price: $0 to $6/month

Friday is a planner that lets you connect calendars from other programs, join calls or video meetings, and write-in new schedules or tasks. You can access the to-do list for free, yet their individual pro program is only $4 per month and their team program is only $6 per month. It is one of the best options to streamline businesses that have multiple communications like construction companies or landscaping companies. 


Price: $0 to $5/month 

Todolist is a calendar available for mobile devices, tablets, and browsers. It allows you to integrate other calendar platforms, transform emails into tasks, and more. That said, it is straightforward and easy software to use. You can enjoy it for free or upgrade to Business for only $5 a month. 


Price: $0 to $6/month

Anydo is the perfect calendar for you if you or your business run mainly from your mobile device. It has a to-do list, planner, and calendar. Moreover, you can easily remove, add, or prioritize certain tasks or appointments. 

Best Online Scheduling Platforms

If you need booking software that is more sophisticated than simply a calendar, you may consider an online scheduling platform. Once integrated into your website, your clients can take advantage of self-booking and you can reap the benefits. The top-rated online scheduling platforms include: 


Price: $0 to $20/month

With Calendy, you can schedule appointments and meetings with their online calendar. You can share your calendar with other members of your team. Moreover, clients can self-book through an online scheduling tool. Since it can connect with many different types of payment systems, your clients can even pay in advance for their services. 

Square Space

Price: $19 to $65/month

SquareSpace is a simple tool that holds a great number of features. Clients can easily book appointments with your synced availability. They can also pay in advance through various methods of payment. Exceptionally, with Square Space, you can also send customized booking confirmations, reminders, and follow ups. You can also set up subscription services, display gift cards and discount packages. 

Wix Bookings

Price: $0 to $9

If you have a Wix website, you may like to use the convenient Wix Booking tool. It allows your clients to book appointments within your availability and pay with ease. While you can’t add any special upsells with Wix, it is a simple solution for businesses that do not have additional features. For instance, teaching music or running exercise classes. 

Mail Chimp

Price: $0 to $29/month

Mail Chimp provides a scheduling tool allowing contacts to book appointments and purchase products. You can integrate directly into your website. You may also wish to take advantage of their other tools, which allow you to market to your clients and potential customers in unique ways.