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Background Checks Are Important. Compare The Best Online Background Check Options

Online background checks are viable options for getting information you need fast. Read ahead to compare the best online background checks available now. Online background checks are an important part of making sure the employees you hire or tenants you let live in your rental properties are the type and character of people you require. Most applicants and prospective tenants do not lie about a criminal background, but some do. Those who do are often assuming you will not run a background check on them. Conducting a background investigation is usually the only method you have of obtaining vital information on potential applicants and tenants other than via their own statements. Online background checks are convenient and affordable. Read ahead to compare information on the best online background checks available today.

Background Checks Are Important - Here’s Why.

Resumes are designed to get applicants hired. This is both acceptable and expected. Character references are often friends or professional associates who have the best interest of your possible new employee or tenant at heart. References listed who are also former employers or landlords are almost always only included if an employment tenure or lease ended on positive terms. References from jobs or leases ending in adversity are conversely almost always excluded.

While job applicants and prospective tenants are expected to show themselves in the best light possible, you need to know more than information based on self-promotional and affirming statements from friends. Even if everything presented to you is true it is still important to corroborate or support it by conducting an online background investigation. In the off chance a person is lying or hiding a criminal past from you it is imperative you find out before bringing them on board or into your rental property as their new home.

Check Early, Not Later

Background checks are important for multiple reasons but the last statement above calls to attention a reason some landlords or employers might not consider until it is too late. For example, if you hire a new employee or sign a lease with a new tenant then later discover they have a hidden criminal background, you just might be stuck with your decision. Granted, it depends on the nature and severity of the prior crimes and if any current warrants are active. Evicting a tenant or firing an employee for past crimes you did not know about is always possible but also commonly a legal hassle with expensive consequences

Personal Responsibility

You have a personal responsibility to your other employees, tenants in your apartment buildings and all their families to run background checks on prospective candidates. Information discovered in a background check might prevent a tragedy and subsequent lawsuit(s). It is also your responsibility as a property owner to look out for the neighborhood where your rental property or business is located.

Getting to Know You

A background check reveals information people might have simply forgotten about. Do you remember every single place you ever lived and name of every boss you ever had? Some people do and others do not. Getting a feel for what people recall or even intentionally omit gives you a better idea what a person truly is like.

You Trust Your Judgement - Most Times

Everyone has an off day, including you. You trust your ability to judge character - most times. Some days your intuition is off, however. You might trust someone you should not have trusted. Conversely, if a person is bad at interviewing but still an excellent fit as an employee, running an online background check might provide the confirmation you need to make the right hire and award someone the job they deserve.

Common Information Covered in a Background Check

Believe it or not, common information covered in a background check is somewhat dependent on the type of background check you conduct. Most types of background checks include felony and misdemeanor convictions, pending criminal cases, civil judgements and arrests resulting in convictions. Domestic terror watchlist inclusions are also permitted for all major types of background checks.

Arrests not leading to convictions are revealed only when requested by the person requesting the check. Pre-employment screenings only allow felony and misdemeanor convictions, prison records and civil judgements to be revealed in certain U.S. states. Other information covered in background checks based on request and state laws include:

  • Traffic violations.
  • Expunged or sealed convictions.
  • Sexual offenses.
  • Drug use.
  • Address history.

Types of Background Checks

Numerous types of background checks are available. Credit background checks are commonly conducted for financial lending and tenant lease purposes. Gun purchase background checks are performed by an FBI-facilitated service to prevent selling guns to criminals. The most common types of background checks run are for tenant and employment purposes, however.

Employment Screening

When you consider hiring a new candidate you need to know more about them than he or she puts in a resume. Pre-employment checks are subject to laws, which vary per state, however. Most states prohibit employers from viewing expunged records and from using arrest records as part of their hiring decisions. Choosing to not hire someone based on his or her criminal record is only permitted if said criminal record impedes an ability to perform applicable required duties or creates a liability to the position in question.

Tenant Screening and Additional Types of Background Checks

Tenant screening involves previous financial and address history and current financial status. It also involves identity verification and county, state, and federal criminal background. Tenant screenings are also used to discover previous evictions, if any. Additional types of background checks commonly conducted include:

  • MVR reports.
  • Fingerprint.
  • FBI.
  • Professional licensing and educational-related.
  • Screening for volunteer organizations.
  • Elderly and childcare safety screenings.
  • E-Verify (for various purposes).
  • Level 2 (especially serious screenings, which compare information in multiple databases including sealed records).

Popular Companies Performing Background Checks in 2022

When you hire a service to perform a background check on someone you expect it to be reliable, accurate and completed as quickly as possible. Pricing is also important. Accurate Now offers flexible pricing ranging from $29.95 (basic) to $74.95 (premium) per report. charges zero hidden fees and prices their services between $29.95 and $199.95 per check. A list of additional popular companies performing background checks in 2022 includes:

  • Background Report (starting at $19.95).
  • GoodHire (starting at $29.99 with numerous convenient add-on options).
  • InfoMart (industry-specific background checks by private quote only).
  • Checkr (best for technology companies; charges billed monthly based on multiple factors).