Affordable Medical Alerts Options

There are several medical alarms on the market. You may want to compare and contrast medical alarm systems and find the best one for you.

What is a Medical Alarm?

A medical alarm is a device that is worn by someone who may need medical help at any given time. The device could be used as a watch or a necklace, around the neck. The device has a button or a fall detection on it. In the event a patient hurts themselves or needs immediate medical attention, the device helps contact a dispatcher that will in turn contact 911. Another part of the device allows the distress signal to get to a dispatcher. The support center will have information on every person that has a device to easily identify the personal information and contact 911 to get immediate medical attention for the wearer. The medical alert service is offered by third-party businesses not attached to 911. You will have to pay a monthly service fee for the medical alarm.

Benefits of Medical Alarms

Devices such as these can be extremely useful, not only for the person carrying but for his or her loved ones. It provides peace of mind, knowing that he or she is safe and cared for at all times, and should anything happen, they would be able to receive help right away. Not only does the person that carries the device can feel safe at all times, but they can remain independent and not have in-home care. In addition, the data of the person is protected and bound by confidentiality agreements. You can connect the alarm to contact not only EMTs, but also the police and fire department. Medical Alarm Systems Are affordable and options start as low as from $19/Month

Who Can Use a Medical Alarm?

Anyone can buy a medical alarm. Seniors are the ones that generally require a medical alarm system, but the device can be used by everyone. The medical alarm provides additional protection for the wearer in the event of a fall, an injury or a medical emergency due to cardiac or respiratory trouble. Medical alarms are also very convenient for anyone with a disability and may require assistance from time to time. By having someone a click away ready to send medical assistance should you need it can make you feel safe. Anyone who feels they need a lifeline to someone to get medical help faster than a cellphone, can utilize a medical alarm system.

Types of Medical Alarms

The most widely used medical alarms are the ones worn as a watch or around your neck. Some people think that they can use their cellphone, but this is not as efficient. Seniors often forget their cellphones. Additionally, the time to take a cellphone out of your pocket could be the time it takes to save your life. Some alarm systems have a fall detection system so that a person does not even have to push a button to get the dispatcher's attention. It is important to find a medical alarm system that is right for you. Make sure you shop around and that the surveillance system works in your area. You can have a medical alert system that monitors you all the time and one that only kicks in if you press the buttons. You want to compare and contrast medical alarm systems and find the right one for you.