Med Spa Treatments

Med spas provide rejuvenating and cosmetic treatments for your body. Learn more about top med spa treatments and how to find nearby med spas.

Medical spas focus on nonsurgical treatments to invigorate your body. Medical spas have always been popular around the world, but in the last 20 years, there has been a surge of spas opening up in the United States. For many, it is a healthier and significantly less expensive alternative to cosmetic surgery. Not only are medical spas good for your body, but it is also a relaxing process. Medical spas are overseen by plastic surgeons, with a trained staff of aesthetic nurses performing the treatments.

Medical spas greatly vary in size as well as the available treatments. Most spas tend to specialize in a handful of treatment options. Unlike a traditional spa, you do not book an appointment and immediately get treated. Instead, you meet with a plastic surgeon to undergo a consultation, explaining what you want to get out of the treatment. Many spas also let you meet with the nurse who will administer the treatment before you commit to an appointment. Listed below are some of the most common med spa treatments and where to find a medical spa in your area.

Facials and Chemical Peels

Facials are a staple of both traditional and medical spa treatments. A facial at a medical spa is more involved than a traditional spa. There are several different facial options available. A standard facial uses microdermabrasion treatments to exfoliate your skin. Another option is a hydrafacial treatment. Hydrafacials use water suction to clear out any debris and containments within the pores of your face. You may also be given a booster after the treatment to increase your skin’s overall health.

Another option to treat your face is a chemical peel. Chemical peels are also available for your hands and neck, but they are most commonly associated with facial treatments. During a chemical peel, a special solution is applied over your skin, causing it to exfoliate and peel off over the next several days. The new skin contains less wrinkles and is much smoother. There are varying solutions available based on your skin type as well as preferences. The type of solution determines the price, but on average you can expect between $100 and $150.

Botox and Filler Injections

Another common type of treatment available at most medical spas are Botox and filler injections. Both treatments smooth out lines and wrinkles that develop over your face. They also help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and soften the lines along your forehead. You can also get injections to lift the corners of your mouth and eyebrows.

Botox injections are also used to treat migraines and excessive sweating. After an injection, your skin will feel more refreshed and relaxed. Filler injections are primarily used to smooth out wrinkles, but it can also add more volume to your skin or lips. Both Botox and filler injections cost around $200 to $250 per injection, with each injection lasting for three months.

Laser Treatments

One of the newer types of treatments offered at med spas is laser treatment. There are two primary treatments to choose from. The more common of the two is laser hair removal. During this treatment, nurses target your hair follicles with a laser, preventing the hair from regrowing. These treatments typically cost around $200 a session.

Another type of laser treatment is tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal has greatly improved since the technology was first developed. It is a painless procedure that typically takes one or two sessions to complete. While there are more med spas offering laser tattoo removal, it is still considered an uncommon treatment. The cost is similar to laser hair removal, but may change based on the size of your tattoo.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is another one of the newer treatments available at med spas. It has been available for many years, but only started to receive attention in the last couple of years due to celebrity promotion. PRP is informally known as a vampire facial. The treatment involves taking a small sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge. This extracts the platelet rich plasma, which has many rejuvenating effects. The platelets are then injected into your face, stimulating your follicles. While it is mostly used to rejuvenate your skin, some patients also use it to regrow their hair. This is one of the priciest procedures, costing on average $1,000.

Choosing a Medical Spa

One of the best ways to find a med spa is word of mouth. If you know any friends or family members who went to a spa, ask for recommendations. You can also ask your doctors if they know any good spas in the area. Even if you are recommended a spa, make sure you check for reviews and ensure all the staff has the proper credentials. 

A legitimate med spa will always provide a consultation. Consultations are always free. If you feel uncomfortable during the consultation or it seems like the staff is unable to answer your questions, consider a different spa.