Most Popular Home Improvement Products of 2023

If you are like most you are focusing on taking your home décor and surroundings to the next level. Maybe you are fixing the leaky faucets or doors that do not quite close all the way, or possibly you have gone into your kitchen and reorganized all your cabinets and drawers. From one task to the next there are products designed to make your home improvement projects easier and faster. Here’s a look at the trending home improvement products this year.

Peel and Stick Vinyl

If you have not yet discovered these DIY treasures then where have you been? They are taking Instagram and YouTube by storm. Why? Simple. Peel and stick vinyl squares are being used to change styles in existing apartments and homes without all the expense and fuss of a complete flooring overhaul. Plus, they can be used in non-traditional ways. Use them as temporary backsplashes, to create murals on walls, and as decorative borders pretty much anywhere.

These peel and stick vinyl squares allow you to change your mind because they can be removed fairly easily. All you need to remove them is a hair dryer. Vinyl squares are budget friendly, too. You can create a stylish checkerboard look on kitchen or bathroom floors by only placing the peel and stick on alternate tiles. Use tiles as accent pieces in your kitchen with only a few tiles. Peel and stick vinyl will be your new DIY friend this year. Some of the best places to look for them are,, and any of the large box stores like HomeDepot and Lowes.

Home Health Products

More focus is placed these days on creating a healthy home environment. Many homeowners are opting to install air and water purification systems and to add in circadian lighting in their most used rooms. Air purifiers can be purchased as stand alone systems or you can install a system that purifies the entire house’s air. If you are unsure which to include then try the standalone first. Once you see what a difference it makes you may want to install a purification system for the whole house. The difference between an air purifier and your air conditioner’s filter is like comparing bologna to steak. The air purifier uses medical grade filters and removes almost 100% of particles in the air. This makes is especially good for allergy sufferers. Most stand-alone units clean up to 1600 square feet in the span of an hour.

  • Water purifiers are also trending right now. It is easy to confuse water purification with water filtration but they are not the same thing. A water filtration sends the water through a sieve, which is a porous material that filters out chemicals and other toxins that may be in your water. Water purifiers filter the water just like the water filter does, but it goes an additional step. It actually decontaminates your water to sterilize it. Some units use ultraviolet light, while others use activated carbon.

  • Circadian lighting provides the proper amount and type of lighting that improves sleep. Circadian light sets provide different automated settings to coincide with the body’s natural wake/sleep rhythms. For example, it will emit bluish light during the day and as evening approaches it switches over to a warmer tone. These changes in lighting affect the hormones in your body, allowing you to fall asleep easier and stay awake and focused when you need to be.

Paint is Still King of the Reno

According to the Wall Street Journal paint companies who make paint are continuing to see strong economic growth despite the pandemic. This is because many homeowners, and lucky apartment renters, are opting to spruce up their indoor areas with a fresh coat of paint. Paint is so versatile and can be combined with other colors in interesting ways. Paint is no longer limited to walls either. Chalk paints have come into their own because of their unique properties. Chalk paint allows you to directly paint over old furniture finishes without having to strip, sand or prime. That is DIY gold. Regular paint also has gone upscale as you can buy paint that has metallics in it or texture. Do not want to commit to an entire four walls? Consider painting only one wall as an accent wall to display artwork or collectibles.

Luxury Installations for the Kitchen

Have you been holding off on getting a kitchen remodel? Now is the time to move forward on it. With most companies vying for economic survival, many products that were once too expensive for most to consider, are now easily affordable. Items such as soft close drawer mechanisms, pull out shelving assemblies and hidden spice rack installations are hundreds of dollars less than they were last year. If you know the dimensions of your cabinets, drawers or pantry spaces you can order these online and have them delivered to your door. You could be installing them within days of ordering.

Homes Get Smarter: Smart Tech Products

From robotic devices that clean your floors to Bluetooth thermostats that you can control from your phone, smart tech products for your home are trending upward. This also includes unmonitored security systems. Amazon’s echo and similar products lead the way in home innovation. If you have put off trying an Alexa or similar device, you have been missing out. Alexa can turn off and on your lights, remind you of appointments, sing you to sleep at night, and find a recipe for the evening’s meal. She can even make your grocery list and with the appropriate settings she can even find your phone when you lose it.

Not sure you want to take the dive into the Alexa pool, then consider a device called the Brilliant Control. It looks like a wall switch but it does so much more. Using Wi-Fi it connects and controls all the smart devices you may have as well as allowing you to see who is at your front door. Speaking of security cameras, you can have one of the Wyze Cam Pan outdoor security cameras for as little as $30. Always forgetting to lock your door when you go out? Several smart lock products exist to help make that easier for you. You can lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone.