Top Help Desk Software 2023

Discover some of the best help desk software for 2023.

Help desk software allows you to provide live chat and email customer support. Help desk software refers to a broad range of computer programs used for customer support. Help desk software has many purposes, with the most common features including options for customers to report issues, a ticket management system and general support tools to resolve common issues. Some programs provide the option to chat directly with a customer support team, while others use a traditional ticket support system.

Help desk software is used by both small and large businesses, as well as government offices and healthcare industries. If your business offers any sort of digital service or subscription, you benefit from having a help desk. Even if your company does not work directly with clients, you can set up a help desk to provide tech support to your employees. Listed below is some of the top help desk software for 2023.


LiveChat is considered one of the best help desk programs because it offers integration on most major platforms. With LiveChat, you can add a chat widget directly to your website, allowing customers to reach your customer support team without having to load a separate page or find an email address. The program integrates into Facebook, Shopify, HubSpot, and WhatsApp.

In addition to speaking directly with customers, technicians can also share customer details among the tech support team, making it easy to transfer clients. The easy-to-use UI also features customer information, allowing technicians to make changes through the LiveChat dashboard.

LiveChat also offers a number of different packages. A basic account costs $16 a month, but most businesses need at least a team account, which is $33 a month. You can also download a 14-day free trial.


Freshdesk was designed with smaller businesses and freelance technicians in mind. While most help desk software is only compatible with PC, Freshdesk allows technicians to troubleshoot customer requests from their phones or iPad. This is especially helpful for 24/7 tech support teams, who are not always going to be at their computer to address customer concerns.

Because it was designed for use on multiple devices, Freshdesk has a simple, easy to navigate UI. The UI also scales resolution based on what device is being used, a feature most other help desk software compatible with phones lacks. The program allows you to customize ticket automation. This allows you to set it so specific users receive tickets based on their area of expertise. It also makes it much easier to filter through ticket requests.

Freshdesk provides a basic account for free, which includes support for both Email and social ticketing. The basic account starts at $15 a month per user and includes automation, reports and SLA management. More expensive plans offer additional features, such as time tracking, CSAT surveys and performance reports.

RingCentral Contact Center

RingCentral is a popular help desk software for larger businesses. Because it is built for a large number of users, RingCentral does not provide standard pricing plans. Instead, they customize their prices and plans based on the needs of the business. RingCentral integrates with many other programs, including Zendesk, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics. RingCentral includes omnichannel customer support, allowing you to run both live chat and email support from the dashboard. There are also outbound dialing options, allowing your support team to directly call clients.

Another useful feature for businesses is the training programs. Not only are there tutorials to use RingCentral, but managers can use silent monitoring to listen in on calls or view chat logs. This is helpful for monitoring new staff members and helping to improve their performance.


Zendesk is considered an industry standard when it comes to help desk support. Users enjoy Zendesk because it is easy to use, with all of the features available from a single database. In the database, you can automate ticketing, quickly search customer history and create automated responses for common issues. The dashboard also allows you to send out customer satisfaction surveys. Zendesk also provides a mobile app, which is good for technicians on the go.

Zendesk has many different plans available. A basic plan only costs $5 per month, while a team package costs $19 per month. Both packages include email and social media support, the mobile app and access to all of Zendesk’s web widgets.

ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs focuses primarily on organizing tickets. All of the tickets are shared in a single inbox, which all technicians can access. You can set up customized filter for your tickets, scanning them for keywords or labels and distributing them to specific technicians. The interface was built around Gmail, which is not only easy to use, but an interface most technicians are already familiar with. The ticket system also allows you to create bookmarks, which allow technicians to transfer tickets and include notes about the issue.

In addition to offering robust ticket options, ProProfs has several useful business features. All accounts gain access to customer surveys, and you can also setup email groups to stay in contact with your clients. A free plan is available, but only allows a maximum of 100 tickets each month. The basic plan starts at $10 a month per user, with a discounted rate available if you sign up for a yearly rate.