Gym Management Software

Gym management software allows you to run your gym from a convenient app. Find out what to look for when selecting gym management software.

In 2021, gyms are seeing a new surge in members. During the Covid-19 quarantine, many individuals were confined to their homes with no opportunities to exercise. Even individuals who were not interested in working out before are trying out gyms to make up for a year of physical inactivity. With so many new members joining gyms, it is important for gyms to update their gym management software.

Gym management software, sometimes known as fitness software, allows you to keep track of memberships, billing cycles and different benefits. You can also use the software to schedule discounts and run special promotions. In addition to tracking information about members, you can also create employee profiles. This allows you to track employee hours. If your gym sells products, you can also track which employees make sales. You can further customize each profile to make a detailed list of what members take classes with each employee.

Choosing Gym Management Software

There are many different types of gym management software to choose from. Which program you use largely depends on your personal preference. There are some important features to prioritize when selecting your gym management software. A big consideration is the interface. Gym management software is only effective if you and the other users are able to use it. Most software comes with a limited free trial, giving you the opportunity to experiment with the interface before committing to a purchase. More complex software may offer additional options, but if you do not intend to actually use these options, you are only burdening yourself with a difficult user interface.

Another important feature is mobile support. Most gym managers spend the day away from the front desk, interacting with customers or running classes. Instead of having to constantly run back to your office to setup new accounts or resolve any billing issues, you can access a mobile app and access your gym database.

If you work in a larger gym, you want management software that accommodates multiple users. This includes the ability to share files with other users, create group tasks and calendars and run multiple chat channels.


Mindbody originally started as a basic billing program, but has greatly evolved into a sophisticated gym management software. Many gyms shifted to Mindbody during the pandemic because the software allows users to live stream fitness classes to other members. Mindbody simplifies the streaming process, allowing you to upload videos from your smart phone or tablet.

The software also comes with built-in marketing tools. This allows you to run promotions for new members and offer special deals to your existing members. You can also set up automatic payment and subscriptions, giving clients the option to either pay at the gym or schedule an online payment. Mindbody was designed with compatibility in mind and seamlessly integrates with many other account management software. Basic plans start at $129 as of writing, with more advanced plans costing between $250 and $600.


Glofox offers a perfect balance of features for gym owners and clients. It is also built with both small and large gyms in mind. The program allows you to set up different membership plans and create unique pages for each member. Glofox also has options if you are partnered with any other gyms or studios, allowing you to network and share membership information or offer discounts for members subscribed to both locations. You can also set up automated messages for different member groups. This can be used to remind members payments or coming up, promote new specials or alert members to upcoming changes.

Glofox offers customized plans for each gym, so there is no default price for an account. The overall size of your gym, what features you offer and the number of employees at the gym. You can request a free demo to try out Glofox before committing to a purchase.


Coast focuses more on the employee side of managing a gym. The program allows you to create daily to-do lists for your employees. As your employees complete tasks, they can mark it on the list. This is a good way to keep things moving in a busy gym without having to take breaks to check in on your employees. Coast is also available as a mobile app, which is perfect for instructors who are on the go. You can use Coast to build calendars for each of your employees, either on an individual or group level.

Coast offers several subscription plans, including a free option. Unlike other management software, the free version of Coast includes all the features you need to manage your gym, including unlimited messages, scheduling and tasks. The free version only saves message and scheduling history for a week. The starter package is $4 each month per user. The only difference between the starter and free account is the starter account includes 20 GB of file storage. There is also an $8 a month option, which increases the file storage to 50 GB.