Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Discover how often to clean your gutters and different cleaning methods. Learn about alternative gutters and professional gutter cleaning services.

Every homeowner goes through a cleaning checklist when the seasons change. During the fall, it is important to schedule time to clean out your gutters. Depending on where you live, you may need to schedule additional gutter cleanings. The biggest factor is how often it storms in your area. During strong storms, not only are your gutters exposed to a great deal of rain, but also loose debris thrown around from the wind, which ends up clogging your gutters. Even in particularly stormy areas, it is uncommon to clean out your gutters more than three or four times each year.

Cleaning out your gutters prevents water damage to your home. If your gutters are clogged, the water eventually overflows out of the gutters, damaging your roof and sometimes leaking into the interior. Clogged gutters are also the perfect home for pests, which can expand their nests to include your home. In severe cases, clogged gutters can even cause permanent damage to your foundation.

Gutter Cleaning Methods

There are many ways to clean your gutters. Some methods are better depending on your style of home or how dirty your gutters typically get. One method is to use a leaf blower. The majority of leaf blowers come with a nozzle attachment, which releases a narrow burst of air. The air current is not particularly strong, but provides enough force to clean out your gutters. Make sure you are blowing all the debris towards the downspout. If you are not comfortable using a leaf blower on a ladder, you can get an attachment for the leaf blower that extends the reach.

If your gutters are clogged with heavier debris, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to clear them out. These vacuums are normally expensive, but many hardware stores allow you to rent them for a much smaller fee. Like a leaf blower, the vacuum comes with a hose, which you can insert into your gutter. Once you vacuum throughout your gutters, spray some water towards the down spurt using a hose to fully flush your gutters.

The longest, but most cost-effective method is to clean your gutters by hand. All you need is a ladder, bucket and pair of work gloves. If your gutters are mostly empty, you can attempt to use your hose to clean them. This is easiest if your hose has a curved head, so you can hook it around your gutters.

Heavy Duty Cleaning Options

If your gutters are clogged, traditional cleaning methods may not get the job done. For serious build ups, you can use a power washer. Like wet/dry vacuums, it is much more affordable to rent a power washer instead of buying one. Once the debris is hit by the power washer, it will splash outwards and likely cause a mess. Most homeowners have to wash the roof and walls after using a power washer, but it gets out even the most stubborn gutter clogs.

If your clogged gutters caused damage to your home, it is strongly recommended to hire professional gutter cleaners. Professional gutter services typically cost between $75 to $200, based on where you live and the size of your home. Professional cleaners have high-quality equipment, which ensures a thorough cleaning. Professional gutter cleaners are also experienced, knowing how to remove the stubbornest gutter clogs. They can also assess your home for damage and provide tips for preventing future clogs.

Gutter Alternatives

If you do not want to deal with gutter upkeep, there are several products you can install to keep your gutters clean. To ensure the protects work correctly and do not damage your gutter or roof during installation, it is recommended to hire a professional service. One stylish option is rain chains. Rain chains contain small buckets to catch the water before it fills your gutters, pouring it harmlessly onto the ground below. Rain chains come in a variety of materials and styles, but are difficult to install without assistance.

A simpler option is to install gutter guards. These guards go around your gutter and catch larger objects, such as twigs and leaves, from getting into your gutters. Water can still enter and flow through your gutters, but without the possibility of getting obstructed.

Window Gang

Despite the name, Window Gang offers a number of cleaning services, including gutter cleaning. Window Gang goes above and beyond for their customers. In addition to cleaning your gutters, the company schedules inspections throughout the year to make sure your gutters are properly working. Window Gang offers a wide variety of cleaning services, providing significant discounts for customers who bundle their services.

Lawn Love

Lawn Love is one of the newest gutter cleaning companies, established in 2014. It has become popular among homeowners due to the low rates. Most other companies require you to agree to multiple cleanings throughout the year, but Lawn Love offers a discounted price if you only need a one-time cleaning. As part of the cleaning, inspectors examine your gutters to ensure they are working properly.

Ground Guys

The Ground Guys provides high-quality gutter cleaning services in both the United States and Canada. In addition to scheduling cleanings, Ground Guys also installs new gutter systems. The company prides itself on customer service, working directly with customers to create a custom tailored, affordable cleaning plan.