Get Fresh Groceries and Meals Delivered to Your Homes

Grocery and meal delivery services greatly expanded due to Covid-19. Learn about the benefits of using both grocery and meal delivery services.

Both grocery and meal delivery services existed for many years. Previously, these services were fairly limited, mostly focusing on senior or disabled customers, who cannot easily get to the store. Only a few select locations, typically larger grocery chains, offered grocery delivery services. Even with big chains, the stores themselves did not always offer the service, but instead partnered with a third-party group to perform deliveries.

In 2020, both grocery and meal delivery services experienced a surge in business, due to Covid-19. With customers advised to avoid crowds and stay inside, grocery chains suddenly found themselves with significantly fewer customers coming to the store. These businesses started focusing more on performing deliveries. While many stores adapted and created new safety measures to encourage customers to return to stores, there are many customers who still use delivery options instead. Even in early 2021, there is a huge demand for both grocery and meal delivery services, and stores are showing no signs of cutting back on delivery options.

Advantages of Grocery Delivery Services

Because of Covid-19, the biggest advantage of grocery delivery services is you do not have to leave your home and risk going out in a crowd. Delivery services have additional benefits as well, such as saving you time. Many major grocery chains allow you specify what times your delivery arrives. If you are normally out late because of work or other responsibilities, you can always schedule your delivery at whatever time is convenient for you. This is especially helpful for parents who are taking care of a child due to schools being close. Previously, you could bring your child with you when you go grocery shopping, but this is riskier due to Covid-19, and requires taking more safety precautions for both yourself and your children. 

Another benefit of using a grocery delivery service is the structure. Many customers are prone to impulse buys while shopping at the grocery store. With delivery services, you do not have any other temptations from browsing through the store. This is especially helpful if you are on a diet and trying to avoid the more tempting, but unhealthy foods, like sweets, cookies and chips.

Advantages of Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery is sometimes mistaken for grocery delivery service. Both options involve ordering food, but the main difference is, grocery services deliver any item from a grocery store, while meal delivery provides pre-cooked meals. Because of the nature of meal delivery services, it is scheduled in set intervals. Some meal services provide food daily, while others give you a set amount of food to last the week.

Meal delivery services have many of the same advantages of grocery delivery services. For many customers, the biggest advantage is you do not have to know how to cook to get good meals. Many senior citizens, who struggle in the kitchen, rely on meal delivery services. They are also popular among busy workers, who are often too tired to properly cook after returning home. If portion control is an issue, meal delivery services are also helpful, since you are limited by the size of the delivery. Meal delivery plans also include a diverse range of foods, so you do not end up eating the same lunches or dinners every day.

Ordering from Meal and Grocery Delivery Services

Using meal and grocery delivery services is fairly straightforward, but there are a few ways to maximize the services. The first is to avoid small orders. Food delivery services work differently from traditional delivery services. Normally, the delivery fee increases based on the amount you spend. With meal and grocery delivery, the opposite is true. Grocery stores have a limited number of drivers, and gathering groceries takes a fair amount of time. As a result, these stores prefer customers to make larger orders. This is incentivized by reducing the delivery fee the more you spend. It varies by location, but in many cases, stores offer a discounted price if you order at least $100. The delivery price is normally around $5 to $10. For smaller orders, especially under $50, this expense may double. Many stores also have a minimum you must spend to qualify for deliveries.

Meal delivery services are often more expensive than grocery delivery. If you are a senior citizen or disabled, there may be additional programs you can go to for significantly reduced prices, such as Meals on Wheels.


Swiggy is one of the largest grocery delivery services in India. Since the pandemic started, Swiggy partnered with some of the largest brands and retailers, including HUL, Marico, Adani Wilmers and Cipla. They also partner with smaller, local chains as well. In addition to basic grocery delivery services, customers have the option of arranging pickup and drop-off locations, which is helpful if you are ordering on behalf of a family member. You can also order over-the-counter medications through Swiggy.

Big Basket

Big Basket is another large grocery delivery service in India. It is praised for having one of the largest selections of food, with over 18,000 products available. They also place a greater emphasis on healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Big Basket also has one of the best customer service networks, allowing you to speak in real time to get all your questions answered or fix any issues with your delivery. Big Basket offers all customers a hassle-free return policy, and takes full accountability whenever there are delays or other issues with your order.