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Garage doors have simple mechanisms to open and close, however, after years of the same repetitive motion, they stop working. Identify common issues and learn about cost of repair.

Garage doors have simple mechanisms to open and close, however, after years of the same repetitive motion, they stop working. Most garage door providers advise on having the door inspected and serviced every year; it does not take long, and it is inexpensive.

If you have a door with a manual opening system, you can try to check it yourself, but calling the experts means that if there is an issue, it can be flagged immediately, instead of waiting for the door to stop working. If you have an electrical opening system, carrying out your own maintenance is challenging and unless you are an electrician, advised against. If this is discouraging you from having an electrical opening system, picture the following:

You are driving home after a long day when it starts raining. By the time you get home, your driveway is covered in puddles, but you have to get out, get soaked by the rain and manually open your garage door, walk back to your car, drive in and close the garage door.

You could have saved yourself all that by installing a door opening system and simply pressing a button from the comfort of your driving seat.

Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs to be Repaired

The most obvious sign is when your door will not open, or close.
Ideally, the issues with your garage door are not as drastic, so keep an eye out for the following indicators:

  • Noise
  • Jerky or stiff motion
  • Bent parts

You may be able to fix some of those yourself with a bit of cleaning and lubrication, but if they persist, they are indicators that there is a problem with your door, and it is time to have it serviced.

Maintaining Garage Door Openers

If you have a garage door opener instead of a manual door, you can also encounter some issues, for example, that the door keeps opening and closing on its own.

If any the following are malfunctioning, you must have the opening system serviced, as they are important safety functions:

  • Balance: when disconnected from the opener, once you open the door partially, it should not move and remain balanced.

  • Side sensors: when the door is closing, if you have sensors connected to your door opening system, these should identify any object placed between them, and instead of continuing to close the door, start opening.

  • Auto-reverse: when the door is closing, if it hits an object, a sensor in the motor head should identify the resistance, and instead of continuing to close the door, start opening.

Installation or Replacement

If you want to replace your existing door – or install one – it does not take long to do so. Garage door specialists can remove the old door and its system and have a new one installed in less than a day.

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Replace or Repair?

A garage door opener is a small feature that makes your life easier, saves your back from moving a heavy door and is a must for children and people with reduced mobility. When it starts malfunctioning, you can have it replaced or try to repair it. If it is an old system, replacing it for a modern one with new features – even smart features – can prove a great addition, but also more costly. In time, door opening systems cannot be repaired anymore so do not be afraid to upgrade when your old system breaks down.

Ask the experts: Garage Door Repair can advise you on whether your door can be repaired of if it needs replacing. They also offer a 24-hour service, in case of emergencies.

Repair or Adjust?

Some of the issues mentioned above can be due to a misalignment, rather than a fault in the opening system.
You can adjust your side sensors to ensure that they are aligned and therefore identifying any object in their path. A misalignment can also explain why your door keeps opening and closing on its own.

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Remote control

Remote controls are cheap and useful, as you do not need to walk to a button to operate the door. They can also be the responsible for your door malfunctioning. As they get old, the remote’s buttons can stop working properly and send a continuous “open” signal to the sensors. Although rare, if your neighbor's remote uses the same control signal, your sensors could receive it an open unexpectedly.

How much does it cost?

A new door

If you are installing or replacing a garage door, the cost depends mostly on the material you want. There are plenty of options, from more traditional steel or aluminum doors to classy wood or glass. Once you have accounted for labor and materials, a standard garage door costs about $600 - $2,000, although it can go up to $6,000 if you want exclusive materials.

Door opening system

If you also want to add a door opening system, it ranges from $200 to $500.

Door maintenance

Having your garage door serviced, unless any issue is discovered, costs between $80 - $150.

Door repair

Most garage door repairs cost between $120 and $300. There are many parts to a door and the opening system, so depending on what needs repairing the cost will be higher or lower. Bear in mind that it is not only the cost of the part, but also labor, which usually starts at about $75-$90.