Cheap Flight Deals

Find the Best Deals for Air Travel. Book with Confidence. Save More On Your Next Trip!

Finding flight deals is a great way to make sure that you can get to your desired destination for as little cost as possible. Luckily, we've got a few ways to help you stay in budget and get your travel in without stress. Find out more about different ways you can save on travel by reading the sections below. 

How to Time Your Bookings for Maximum Savings

The day on which you book your flight will have an impact on flight prices. The best deals are usually had when you book on a Tuesday or Wednesday. On the other days of the week, you'll see that prices remain pretty consistent. 

It's also helpful to book your flight on a weekday. This is because most people will want to fly out on a weekend, thus driving up the prices of Saturday and Sunday flights. Meanwhile, if you book a Monday or Tuesday flight, you're bound to get better rates in comparison.  

A third tip for timing your booking is to reserve your flight as far in advance as possible. Have you ever tried to book a flight a few weeks before the date? If so, you have probably noticed how expensive those can be. On the other hand, if you book months in advance (3 months to half a year in advance if possible), you can get great deals on flights and fly for cheap. 

Use Mileage Credit Cards

Mileage credit cards are your best friends when flying. These cards let you accumulate miles when you make purchases, and you can use these miles to pay for your flights!

The process to get a mileage credit card is easy. You just have to find a card that will provide you with miles on the airline that you usually fly with (whether American Airlines, Delta, United, etc). Then you can sign up for that credit card online and see if you are approved. When approved, you will be sent the card so that you can start making purchases and start earning miles. 

Oftentimes, you can get a bunch of bonus miles just for signing up. Just make sure that you make your payments each month to keep up with your bill. 

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Airlines frequently have fare sales for times that aren't as busy during the year. They'll also randomly offer coupons or promo codes. Sign up for airfare alerts online, follow companies you love to fly with on social media, and always keep your eyes open for these coupons.

One of the best times to grab a "coupon" is when an airline lists the wrong price. They may make fare mistakes that look like highly discounted rates. In these instances, if you book this flight, the airline may still honor the discounted rate even if it was due to a glitch in the system. 

Book Through Flight Deal Sites

Deal sites like Expedia and are a great way to make sure you are saving as much as possible on flights. They work with airlines to offer discounted rates, and the best discounts typically come when you book combo deals of flights with hotels and/or rental cars. 

Typically, the more services you book with a deal site, the better the deal will be. 

Beyond that, these websites give you the chance to compare dates, times, prices of different airlines, and destinations all in one place. So you can evaluate your budget to see exactly what works for you in terms of where to go and which airline to fly with.

Fly Budget Airlines

There are smaller airlines out there that will cut you a deal if you use their services. Airlines like Spirit and Frontier may charge you a fraction of the flight cost compared to larger airlines like American Airlines and Delta. So you can go to many of the same destinations and save big by flying with these budget airlines. 

In any case, it's important to note that you won't receive as many included amenities though. For example, budget airlines will charge for services that come standard with larger commercial airlines, such as your first checked bag, your carry on, your seat selection, and more. Budget airlines typically charge extra fees for each of these. 

However, if you want to guarantee that you get the best deals, flying on a budget airline that you book with a flight deals site like those above is the way to go.