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If you need your own work space and do not want to work at home, consider desk space rentals. Learn about renting desk space and top rental options.

Purchasing an office space is an expensive prospect. Whether you are looking for a personal space you can use for projects and studying or looking for an official space to use for work, you can save a great deal of money by renting your own desk space instead of a full office. Trying to outright buy an office space is expensive, costing thousands of dollars depending on the location. Even renting a traditional office space is pricey, especially if you are also responsible for paying utilities and other fees.

Renting a desk is significantly less expensive. When you rent a desk, you are only renting a small portion of a building, typically an established office. This process is also known as coworking. Some coworking spaces charge an hourly fee, while others use monthly rates. There are also some companies that provide rental memberships, allowing you to pick from a selection of eligible spaces based on your needs.

Benefits of Renting a Desk Space

Many individuals make the mistake of underestimating how important a proper work space is. Instead of getting an official office, these individuals set up a makeshift desk space at their home. While this can sometimes work if you have a large enough home, there are still several issues. It is much harder to get into a proper work mindset when you are at home. For many, working at home is filled with distractions. It is also challenging to separate your professional and personal life when you are working at home. Renting a desk space is a great way to improve your productivity. Not only are there less distractions, but you are more likely to get into a working mindset in a professional setting.

Coworking spaces frequently have furnished locations, especially if you are only renting a desk space. Many locations let you rent office spaces normally used by managers, or meeting rooms that were converted into desk space. You typically have access to other equipment in the building, such as printers or scanners, but this may vary depending on the location. In most cases, workplace equipment is higher quality than anything you have at home. Even if you are unhappy with the equipment, you can always bring your own items to customize your rented desk space.

If you are renting desk space specifically for work, using a shared work space is an excellent networking opportunity. Coworking spaces rent out to multiple individuals and organizations each day. While privacy is an important part of rented office spaces, it is not uncommon to meet other renters in shared locations, especially if the building has a shared cafeteria or break area. It is also common for the companies that own the work spaces to host networking events and work retreats, often providing existing renters a discounted or sometimes free cost to attend.

Choosing the Best Desk Space

When deciding where to rent desk space, there are several factors to consider. For many renters, the final deciding factor is cost. While cost is certainly an important component, it is not the only consideration. If you pick the least expensive work space without viewing it, you risk spending money on an area that is ultimately unsuitable for what you need. Similarly, you do not want to only look at how much space is available for rent. An area may display a large amount of square footage, but the room may be filled with equipment that ultimately limits how much space you are actually able to use for work.

You also want to consider the environment. Many desk rental spaces provide a private office to work in, but others feature a communal setting, almost identical to cubicle farms. These locations are typically less expensive, but it can be harder to focus if you are not used to other workers. Another consideration is what facilities are shared and which are private. Coworking spaces often feature a business that permanently uses a portion of the building, while renting out the unused space. These businesses often separate their main resources from the coworking environment. 

Finally, you want to consider what hours the space is available. Many rented desk spaces allow you to come and go as you please, but certain resources may not be available based on the time of day. Other factors to consider are how much control you have over the space, especially regarding noise and temperature levels.


WeWork has one of the largest networks of desk space for rent. The company started in New York, where there are currently close to 50 locations in their network. WeWork was founded in 2010, but they already have over 600,000 members renting spaces from 800 locations throughout the United States. WeWork has a wide range of office spaces to choose from. Instead of charging by location, the company charges a flat fee of $29 each day.


Regus is one of the pricier rental options and is designed mostly for small or medium sized businesses. Because of this, they are one of the pricier options, costing $93 each month. However, they provide higher quality work spaces and are more likely to feature extra perks in the office. Regus also has an expansive network of locations, with over 3,000 office spaces. If you only want to rent a space for a few days, you can request a custom quote and use one of the Regus meeting rooms. Additionally, all locations include a relocation clause, allowing you to move to a new space free of charge if anything happens to make your reserved space unavailable.


Expansive is unique compared to other coworking companies. Other rental services do not always own their own space, instead renting it out on behalf of a landlord. Expansive only rents out properties they own. This means Expansive has greater customization options, since they are not limited by what the original owner wants. This customization applies to their customers as well. Expansive is much more flexible with their plans, allowing you to bring in outside items while also working with fewer office restrictions. Expansive mostly charges per month, with rented desk space costing between $125 to $170 each month. If you need a shorter rental, you can contact the company directly for more options.