Explore Data Room for Startups

A data room is a space used to securely store confidential & valued information. Read a helpful guide on how to explore data rooms for startups in 2023.

Every startup company needs to raise working capital and expand its initial business enterprise with brevity. Startups deal with investors, initial public offering (IPO) preparation, risk assessment and expansion opportunities. Information & data relevant to these types of dealings are usually confidential by nature, and frequently by legally binding requirements/agreements. Also required is the ability to view and share this information with permitted sources in a fast and secure manner. What are data rooms for startups? What are the advantages for startups using data rooms?

A data room is essentially a space used to securely store confidential and/or otherwise highly valued information. While data rooms are both physical and virtual, the virtual variety is most commonly used by modern startups. This is especially true following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, which caused many on-site and physical office workplaces to adapt to online-only working environments. What types of reporting features do the top virtual data rooms provide? Read ahead for a helpful guide on how to explore data rooms for startups in 2023.


Intro to Data Rooms

A data room is a physical or virtual space used to securely store highly valued, confidential information. Virtual data rooms are more common with startups for variety of reasons. Most startups either have limited working capital or at the very least have to be mindful of how initial working capital is disbursed and applied. The overhead of maintaining a physical building is simply too high for many startups to afford. COVID-19 also caused many on-site and physical office workplaces to adapt to online-only working environments starting in early 2020. Therefore even startups able to afford physical buildings might have been forced (by COVID-19) to use virtual offices instead. 

Secure data rooms are used for due diligence compliance purposes during legal and financial transactions. Investors need to review all documents, data and paperwork prior to committing funds to a startup. Documents and data must also frequently be shared among startup employees and/or management. Paper-based filing and organizational systems are now antiquated in most modern business situations, especially those pertaining to startups. Online storage, virtual office and project managements systems such as Dropbox, Teams, Asana, EOffice and Opus have all taken the place of literal paper and physical office spaces.

While data rooms are similar to cloud storage systems, some key differences apply. Data rooms use more advanced encryption and security protocols. Fine-grained access controls, collaboration options and detailed user logs are all implemented in virtual data rooms today as a means of protecting the confidentially of all applicable information stored within.

Data Rooms – Advantages for Your Startup

Every startup company needs to raise working capital and expand initial business endeavors with brevity. Startup personnel meet with investors, prepare for initial public offering (IPO) processes, assess potential risks and research expansion opportunities. Virtual data rooms help do all this (securely) and more.

Virtual data rooms are now the established best protocol for mergers and acquisitions-based due diligence. Data rooms save you time by exponentially increasing organization and real-time sharing capabilities. This ultimately helps save you and/or your startup money. Advanced security protocols also significantly decrease adverse legal consequences because of the sheer amount of detailed logs and user information documented in secure fashion. Virtual data rooms are accessible from anywhere in the world, which also saves you time and therefore money. What are some other advantageous uses for virtual data rooms in 2023?

Fund Raising

Fund Raising is a crucial part of both early and continued survival for many startups. Using a virtual data room allows you to share your highest level of integral information with investors, while simultaneously preventing leaks or hacks. Virtual data rooms also allow you to be transparent with high-potential investors, further luring them into a funding commitment.

IPOs (Initial Public Offering)

IPOs (Initial Public Offering) involve the process of offering shares of private corporations for public purchase in new stock issuances. Transitioning from a private to public status as a company is a delicate time for many businesses. Due diligence and secure data rooms are essential to assuring all data is kept confidential while decisions are made and processes enacted. Virtual data rooms ensure the safe exchange of confidential information using AI-powered features for potential high-reward events, communication and transactions.

Data Rooms – Reporting Features

One primary reporting feature available in the best virtual data rooms is the audit log. An audit log (audit trail) is a documented recording of all changes, logins and events inside the data room. Not all audit logs function in the same way for every data room software program, but many general functions are common with all reporting features. For example, records of who logged in and when, what he or she did while logged in and how the system reacted to the login/activity are common aspects of audit logs in all virtual data room systems. Other virtual data room reporting features include:

  • Changes to permission roles.

  • Transcripts of messaging/video communications.

  • Financials/accounting.

  • Records of changes made to customizable dashboards.

  • Projections & risk assessments. 

Virtual Data Room Providers & Average Prices

Virtual data room prices range from free monthly trials to monthly subscription to full purchase prices. Per-page pricing is available but is often expensive when paid for in this manner. Some services charge approximately $200/month. Per-page pricing might range into the tens of thousands depending on the nature and amount of data secured within the program. Many companies provide pricing based on private quotes only. Some of the top and most trusted virtual data room providers in 2023 include: