Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity uses data encryption, firewalls and real time monitoring to guard your data. Learn about five of the top cybersecurity solutions.

Whether you run a small or large business, you must not neglect proper cyber security. Cyber security protects your data against hackers and other digital threats. There are four primary categories of cyber attacks. The first is malware, which refers to any software discreetly installed on your system to get data. Hackers disguise malware as harmless attachments or downloads to get into your system. Similar to malware is ransomware. Instead of stealing data, ransomware encrypts your system, requiring you to pay a steep fee to get your data back.

Another cyber attack is phishing scams. With phishing, a scammer contacts you pretending to be someone else, such as a business representative or government official. The scammer warns you there is a security breach or some other flaw with your account, asking you to give your password or other sensitive information to fix the error. Finally, there are distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks overwhelm your network with traffic requests, resulting in your website becoming slow and difficult to lose, or outright becoming inaccessible.

How Cybersecurity Protects your Business

Cybersecurity solutions provides multiple protection to keep your data safe. The exact methods used may differ depending on the company, but the overall goal is the same. The first service you get from cybersecurity is encryption. Encryption secures your data, creating a unique cipher which only your computer is capable of decrypting. This way, even if a hacker manages to get into your network and steal your data, they are not able to access any of the information.

In addition to encrypting your data, the majority of cyber security companies also offer some form of data loss prevention, making regular backups of your data in case a cyber attack ever requires you to roll back your system to a previous state. Web filtering is another service, which limits what websites your employees are able to access on the network. This allows the company to automatically block dangerous websites scammers often use in phishing schemes. Cybersecurity companies also provide anti-virus and malware solutions, using software to keep your computers from becoming infected.

The most important protections come in the form of access management and firewalls. Firewalls control what data enters or leaves your network and is one of the most effective ways to guard your network. Access management allows you to control who is able to access data on your network, ensuring only employees with the right credentials can view sensitive information. It also prevents hackers from creating a generic account on your network to steal your data.


CrowdStrike is one of the newer cyber security companies, but it has quickly gained a credible reputation thanks to partnering with some of the most successful companies across the globe. It is particularly popular among healthcare providers. As of writing, half of the largest healthcare providers rely on CrowdStrike for cyber security. CrowdStrike was the first cloud-native cyber security platform. They recognized all the threats that came from cloud-technology, spotting network vulnerabilities before hackers had the opportunity to exploit them. Today, they continue to be on the cutting edge of cyber security.


ImmuniWeb is not one of the big names in cybersecurity solutions, but it offers some of the best service imaginable. ImmuniWeb offers continuous web security, keeping your network safe from outside attacks. What sets it apart from other services is their dark web monitoring. When hackers steal data, they often go to the dark web to sell it. ImmuniWeb constantly scans the dark web, looking for any traces of your stolen data. The company also monitors the dark web to hear about network vulnerabilities and other tricks hackers may use to steal your data. This gives the company a chance to come up with solutions before you are affected. ImmuniWeb is a swiss based company, but their services are available worldwide.


While it may not seem like it based on the name, Intruder offers some of the most robust cyber protection from any company. While Intruder has a number of services to monitor your data and keep your network secure, what sets the company apart from others is their focus on finding vulnerabilities. Intruder routinely looks for vulnerabilities in your system, using the same methods as hackers. By keeping a vigilant eye on your network, Intruder is able to detect potential problems and come up with solutions before more malicious individuals discover the vulnerability.


Cisco offers customizable security plans, making it an excellent choice for both small and large businesses. In addition to basic cyber protection, Cisco also focuses on email security to stop phishing attempts and keep unwanted software from entering your network. It also offers advanced security options for your users, including multi-factor authentication.


Fortinet is one of the oldest and most reliable cyber security providers. The company started out developing firewalls, but eventually transitioned to offering real time protection for small and large corporations. The company prides itself on offering effective security that does not put a strain on your network. They frequently team up with independent cyber security experts, ensuring their services are routinely updated to address the latest cyber threats.