Popular Kitchen Appliances to Buy Right Now

Kitchen trends come and go, with many failing to stand the test of time. However, some new inventions make our lives easier -- and more delicious -- on a consistent basis! These are the kitchen appliances that you need to add to your home.
Interested in learning about different appliances that can round out your kitchen experience? Find out about some exciting culinary equipment below.

Instant Pots

Also known as "instapots," these house appliances generate steam from water or broth to create pressure that cooks your food more quickly than traditional means. Your instant pot will work well with proteins like chicken and beef, as well as with food that requires moisture like beans, rice, noodles, porridge/oatmeal, eggs, and soup.

Additionally, your purchase may come with recipe suggestions. Otherwise, there are already a number of cookbooks specifically designed for this appliance. So as you become more familiar with the device, you can experiment. Some instant pots also serve as a slow cooker for recipes that don't work well under pressure, a sautee pan, or a rice cooker.

The main brand is itself called Instant Pot, and its product have a range of prices based on what you need. The smaller base models, like the Duo Plus Mini 9-in-1 Base, retail for around $50 while their larger more intricate models, like the Instant Pot Max (6 Quart), can cost as much as $199.95. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for appliance sales, you can sometimes find these products for as much as $60 off online. 

Air Fryers

Air fryers are touted as the healthy alternative to deep-frying food because the appliance relies on air and needs just a tiny bit of oil to do the same job. With an air fryer, you don't have to sacrifice the crispy and crunchy exterior that makes your favorite food taste so good!

French fries, fried fish, baked potatoes, potato chips, and egg rolls are just a few of the foods you can make in an air fryer. Almost all frozen and fried snacks work, and they turn out much crispier in comparison to if you would microwave them.

Compared to an oven, air fryers use less energy and are less likely to dry out food. Plus, using an air fryer is easy, and there's no risk of oil splattering all over your kitchen or skin. Simply place the food in the basket and insert it into the appliance, where the air will circulate and cook it. Because so little oil is used, cleanup is a breeze.

Prices for air fryers can vary depending on the brand and complexity of the product. But deals are usually available online. For example, the Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer is a popular appliance in the industry. While it typically goes for around $300, as of this writing you can find it online for over $100 off. 

Gas Ovens With Built-In Grills

If you haven't purchased any culinary kitchen equipment in a while, you might not realize that you can buy kitchen stoves with built-in griddles and grills. They come as removable and swappable pieces, and they can upgrade any range so that you don't have any blank unused kitchen space.

Unlike countertop grills and griddle appliances that need to be plugged in, when you buy an oven with built-in removable pieces, you can just remove the pieces from your range when it's time to wash them. You don't have to deal with cords or finding extra storage space because you can just set them back on the oven when they're clean.  

From breakfast foods to grilled cheese sandwiches, the griddle can serve up everyone's favorite comfort foods. Then you can switch to the grill to make burgers, hot dogs, and veggies that taste like summer, even when it's too cold outside to use your barbecue equipment.

Wondering where you should look for a new range? From Home Depot to Lowes, Walmart, and other popular retailers, you have plenty of options.