Commercial Disinfection Services

Commercial Disinfection Services to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect your space.
In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as well as toxic molds and allergens you must hire someone whose services are qualified and who use EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) certified products. These products have been found to be successful in ridding an area of most viruses and bacteria present in the environment. Finding a commercial disinfection service who will come into your home is tricky. Many abound for corporations, businesses and warehouses, but not for residential homes.
With the spread of the pandemic adjustments have been made to include home sanitization.  The CDC recommends periodic sanitizing and deep cleaning routinely to stay ahead of potential contagions. Several national home cleaning companies have retrained their staff and implemented the use of new approved products. These companies specialize in coming into your home on a regular basis and sterilizing the entire house as well as high touch areas. Learn how to find a cleaning company near you who can help keep your home coronavirus free.

What to Expect from a Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies offering deep cleaning services as well as sanitization for Covid will all offer some of the same types of services. Expect them to disinfect to eliminate bacteria, pathogens, mold, fungi, germs and enveloped viruses (SARS-CoV2). These products used are non-toxic to humans and pets and most of the substances uses to sterilize the home offer a residue-free barrier that works on both non-porous and porous surfaces for at least a few months. Some companies will also do a pre-treatment swab test of the home. This lets them know what type of contagion or contamination might be present in the home. This is sometimes referred to as the ATP test. The new EPA/CDC approved products are designed to work on the micro-level. Once applied it forms an antimicrobial film which is undetectable to you, but destroys pathogens by disrupting their cellular wall.

Most companies will follow a procedure of speaking with you about the size of your home and what types of services you require. They then customize your service to fit your particular situation. A good company will do an expert deep clean and use hospital grade cleaning products to make sure they meet or exceed the decontamination standards used by the CDC

Sanitizing vs Disinfection

Sanitizing and disinfection are not the same thing in the cleaning industry. Disinfectants only last as long as no one touches the surface. For example, if you spray a bleach spray on a doorknob to disinfect it, that is only free from contamination until the next person touches it. Sanitization involves first disinfecting the area, and then applying the sanitizing solution that has a residual effect past someone touching it repeatedly. Understand, however, that this only lasts for a few months. After that you must have the process repeated.

Best National Disinfection Services

  • For Businesses/Facilities
Coverall is a national company that offers services to both companies and homes. They have just implemented their services to include regular homes dealing with coronavirus. They have experience with decontamination procedures and have been in business for over 50 years. The basic price for a small office or a home will cost you approximately $170-250 a month. They offer a cost estimator on their website for a more accurate estimate.

Belfor Cleaning Services is another company that originally only focused on commercial disinfecting and sanitizing. This is still their main focus but they offer consultations for home owners as well. They utilize a product that has a residual effect for up to 90 days. They also utilize environmentally safe cleaning products that are safe to use on all types of surfaces. Their products are non-flammable, non-abrasive and non-corrosive. They boast a 99.9 percent kill rate for viruses, including Covid-19. These products are backed by the National Science Foundation.

  • For Homes and Residential
You will pay less by using cleaning services already established for working in the home environment. While the facility cleaners can sanitize your home, you will pay more for the same type of work. The following are recognized and established cleaning services in the U.S. who have stepped up their game in order to help combat the pandemic. If you or a family member has had coronavirus, or you just want to make sure your space is clear from the contagion, then consider contacting these services to restore your home to a healthier space.

Molly Maid is well known throughout the nation for their housecleaning services. Located in thousands of cities throughout the U.S. they are easy to locate. While Molly Maid is not a company designed originally to do deep sanitization for biohazards, they have retooled their service offerings to include this. They use the EPA registered products and have sent their workers into retraining so that a deeper clean is achieved. There is no cross contamination between homes, all workers wear masks and gloves and their use of microfiber mops have a documented 99 percent reduction in bacteria on surfaces. Pricing may vary depending on where you are located in the country.

Merry Maids is another established national cleaning service focusing primarily on homes and small businesses. They have also retrained personnel and implemented advanced EPA/CDC approved products. This allows for enhanced sanitization and disinfection services. Merry Maids offers various cleaning packages for you to choose from so you can customize your cleaning experience. Pricing varies depending on the service package you choose.