Project Management & Collaboration Software

Online collaboration within an office environment is equally as important as in-person meetings. 
Whether that means keeping up to date with daily tasks, to-do lists, team calendars, or a deadline tracker, using online collaboration software is helpful for tracking projects, staying on task, and scheduling.It's also useful to find software that includes integration with other apps. This helps the flow of a team and improves team productivity. There are several popular software options out there that are available to consumers, but below are the top five software solutions that truly maximize team collaboration and productivity.

The first step in finding the perfect collaboration software for your team or business is knowing what you need help with. Whether it is time tracking that is your primary concern, or project management or team building, it will then help to narrow down which software is best for these purposes.

By going through the following top five collaboration software tools, it is our hope to help you choose the best software for you. These five tools have been tested thoroughly in the project management space. And each popular project management software solution has its own advantages, integration process, and benefits.

#1 Monday is a team-based project management software tool that offers many different customization options for its users. By using Monday, teams and companies can keep track of multiple projects at once, check their status, and keep up to date on any updates pertaining to the project.

This popular project management app is extremely flexible and user friendly. Any person given access to the projects can change anything any time they wish. Everything the user needs is in one central space, so there’s no need to bounce around to different platforms. Note that this is a paid service, but there is a free trial option available to new users.

#2 Wrike

If you're looking for a platform that will help you manage your teams & projects, Wrike‎ is another collaboration tool that focuses on project management. It has a similar design and easy usability compared to It also increases productivity and encourages collaboration between teams given its excellent user experience.

Users can employ Wrike to create different types of campaigns and keep track of different projects. What’s nice about using this collaboration tool is the tracking of projects allows cross-department collaboration. Since the site is visible to all users, it can really encourage communication and project collaboration in a business.

Through Wrike, users can get real-time reports on productivity, which is especially useful for management to keep track of their team to see where they are in project completion. Wrike is a paid client project management software, but it has a 14-day free trial available to new users.

#3 Glip

Glip is a great collaboration software tool. This software is a mobile app that encourages team collaboration on the go. The main benefits of Glip are the chat feature, file sharing, and task/project management.

Users have found that this collaboration app is extremely user friendly, as 96% of them have said it has made their team communication easier. It also is noted to be helpful for teams to stay organized with all of their information in one place.

All projects are stored there, and teams can chat easily about them and work on them collectively. With app integration being a huge factor for some people, Glip does a great job of working with existing apps such as Google Drive, Box, and Jira.

Glip is a free app to use and gives users unlimited access.

#4 Pipedrive

This platform is a little more comprehensive than the previous examples, but also requires users to move around the site more, rather than just having all projects in one space, which is an important factor to consider.

Pipedrive was created with sales in mind. It allows users to spend less time with emails, calls, and task progress by automating this information. All that’s needed is a little customization, and then Pipedrive handles the output. This software is a paid service but offers new users a 14-day free trial.

#5 Easy Projects

Easy Projects helps users with project management and time management so that teams can stay on track with projects and get them completed on time. Many users have said that this collaboration software has significantly decreased the time it has taken their teams to complete projects. It is a paid service, but has a 14-day free trial.