Cloud Computing Options

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When cloud computing was introduced to the modern world it made huge changes. You can use the services for personal or professional use, and the services are available for companies both big and small.
One of cloud computing's biggest selling points is the flexibility it lends to employees within a business or organization. Cloud computing allows for relevant data to be stored and accessed wherever and whenever needed. Your employees have the ability to access data from their home, while on vacation, or even while commuting with an internet connection. Technology has been rapidly advancing and changing the way our world functions.  The world today looks drastically different from the world in 2010 or 2000. The internet has increasingly become an integral part of daily life, with many businesses entirely digital, and social media becoming the main medium for social interaction. With the rapid shift in technologies, not everyone has been able to adjust accordingly. Many businesses relied on physical storage: file cabinets, paperwork, printing,  all were common.  However, cloud computing has rendered many of these things obsolete. If you and your business are not making use of cloud computing you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage, one that your competition is sure to exploit.


Cloud Computing Solutions: How You Can Reduce IT Downtime

Cloud computing is a method of using a network server hosted on the internet to store and edit data, rather than storing just on one’s own personal computer or internal server. The main benefit of storing your files using cloud computing is that any file you upload to the cloud it is accessible to anyone who has access to your network. Cloud computing is used for a variety of reasons, but mostly to keep a backup of files that are important, and also to create virtual data online. A well known cloud computing system is Google Drive. Google Drive is provided by Google when you sign up for a Gmail account. You get up to 15 gigabytes of cloud storage per account for free with the option to by increased storage. Google’s cloud systems can be used to create multiple accounts when you’ve run out of storage. You're able to store anything such as large documents, videos, and photos. If you're looking for customized cloud solutions, you can try checking out for direct help in finding a solution to your problem. With services like these, you can reduce your IT department's downtime and further optimize your network resource utilization. 

Along with the following companies can offer cloud computing services for you:
Many users extend their business to the cloud in order to increase agility and also to reduce the risk and complexity of business. Cloud computing is a great option for making a smarter business and helping your users.

What Cloud Computing Services are Available?

Google and other cloud computing providers have made it fairly easy for business teams to communicate and collaborate through these cloud-based computing systems. For those worried about information security, cloud computing systems are encrypted, keeping your data safe and private. It is much better to have a file scanned and kept in the cloud with double or triple encryption methods than to have it in a file cabinet in your office where anyone that can open the cabinet can take it. Large corporations use the cloud because it would be time-consuming and not feasible to physically send information that could easily be uploaded to the cloud and become available to everyone that needs to see it.

Increase Agility and Optimize Resource Utilization

A quick example of the benefits of cloud computing: a real estate development team is looking to build a mall in the state of Texas. The lawyers are located in New York, the architects in Oregon, and the structural engineers in Texas. The financing team is in California, and the owner of the project is traveling between all the locations.

Cloud computing is the best, most efficient way to run and complete this project since anyone can connect to it at any time, and get real time updates from team members through shared file storage. If the project lead needs financial info while at a meeting with structural engineers, she doesn't need to wait for physical copies to be mailed to her, she can log into the shared storage and get the info she needs when she needs it.

The cloud is the term used to signify the "digital location" where your information is stored, and available for use with cloud computing. The only real downside to cloud computing is that the info can only be accessed with an internet connection, which is no real barrier to use as almost every city, town, or business has internet connectivity.