How to Find the Best Car Shipping Company

Car shipping is convenient and hassle-free, and the car is delivered directly to your home. Car shipping can be very helpful for anyone purchasing a new vehicle outside their city or state

It's not unusual for people to find the car they want somewhere else in the country other than in their city or state, and in order to get the vehicle to their location they need a transport company to get it to them. Delivery companies carry cars from one place to another in trailers, designed to keep the vehicle in perfect condition while traveling.

The seller or dealer you bought the car from can have the car delivered right away after the purchase and coordinate with the car shipping company to have it sent. The seller usually pays for the delivery as part of the sale, and they can tell you when the car will arrive.

Car Shipping Costs

The shipping price is set by the company and it depends on the car size and the distance, among other factors. You can expect costs to be between $500 and $1,500. And if you need your car shipped internationally, the costs will definitely be greater. 

You can get a discount if you are nearby, and the company might deliver to a special location such as your office if you request it. The shipping cost is calculated at the time you order the service.

How to Hire a Car Shipping Company

If you buy a car and need to hire a car shipping company on your own, consider the following tips to find the right company for you:

1. Do Research and Ask for Referrals

To select good car shipping companies, it's always best to ask around and get recommendations from people who have shipped their cars before. You can also search online to find reliable companies. Make sure you visit their websites, read about the services they provide, possible costs, delivery times, etc. Check that they have an email address and telephone numbers to get in touch with them.

2. Check Company Credentials

Make sure you check the company's credentials with the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They need to have an MC number (interstate operating authority) from FMCSA and a USDOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

3. Decide How You Want Your Car Delivered

You can have your car transported from terminal to terminal, which means you need to pick up your car at a specific location and drive the car back to your home, or door-to-door, where the truck will take the car directly to your home, office or any other location of your choosing. You can also choose between open and enclosed car transportation. The first can carry up to 10 cars, which means it has a cheaper rate, but your car is exposed to natural elements. Enclosed car trucks can carry up to four or five cars, and it is generally more expensive.

4. Make Sure They Have Insurance

All car transportation companies must provide liability coverage of at least $150,000 (open car carriers) and $250,000 (enclosed carriers), in case anything were to go wrong during transportation and the car is damaged.

5. Check Delay Policies

Apart from the fee, car shipping companies can provide a delay policy and refund your shipping partially or fully depending on the delay it experiences. To be safe, make sure the company you choose has a policy like this one.