Car Detailing Services

Car detailing is a great way to improve your performance and make your car look brand new. Learn more about interior and exterior car detailing.

If you want your car to look good, you need to do more than clean it. The most effective way to keep your car looking good while also improving performance is getting your car detailed. While keeping your car clean is part of the detailing process, the service is more about car restoration, making your vehicle look like it just came off the assembly line. The biggest difference between a traditional cleaning and detailing is employee involvement. Getting your car cleaned typically involves automated processes, such as a car wash.

Car detailing must be performed by hand and focuses on both the interior and exterior. It is a longer, more involved process than a traditional cleaning. Professional detailers use high quality products and their experienced training to restore your car and make it look brand new. There are several different services associated with car detailing. Some detailers provide package deals with multiple service options, while others charge a flat rate for each option, letting you customize how your vehicle is detailed.

Benefits of Detailing your Car

While car detailing greatly improves the appearance of your vehicle, there are also practical reasons to get your car detailed. For many drivers, one of the biggest benefits of car detailing is an extended lifespan for the vehicle. As part of the detailing process, harmful contaminants are removed from your vehicle. If left unchecked, these contaminants cause gradual damage to the body of your vehicle. Traditional cleaning is not involved enough to get all these contaminants out of your car. Getting your car detailed is the equivalent of giving it a checkup.

Once all the harmful materials are removed from your car, the detailer applies a coat of wax over the paint. The wax helps ward off harmful contaminants, such as loose debris, dust and dirt. Without protection, dirt particles will get underneath the hood of your vehicle. Over time, this can cause damage to the interior of your car, potentially leading to engine issues. While dirt or other debris will not cause your vehicle to completely break down, it contributes to wear and tear and contributes to other problems. There are more practical benefits for removing dirt and dust from your windows, since it gives you more visibility while driving.

Not only does car detailing improve your performance, but it extends the resale value of your vehicle. The better your vehicle drives and the newer it looks, the more you can sell it for whenever you decide to upgrade to a new vehicle. It is so common, one of the top tips for car sellers is to get their vehicle detailed before an appraisal to increase the value.

Interior Car Detailing

Detailing the interior of the car takes longer than the exterior. Interior detailing begins with a basic cleaning. Detailers use a vacuum to clear out any initial debris and contaminants. Unlike a traditional cleaning, detailers go over all the space in your vehicle. This includes the seats, headliners, trunk and the cargo areas. Your car mats are taken out to cover all of the floor space.

There are additional cleaning steps after the vacuuming. Detailers will use brushes and steam cleaning to remove any stains or blemishes on the inside of your car. Next, all of the glass surfaces are wiped down and polished. Detailers use special soap and conditioners designed specifically for car leather.

The last step is to go over the vehicle again with vacuums and brush. This ensures no spots are missed, as well as accounting for any marks from the detailers. Once all the cleaning is finished, the detailers will spray deodorant throughout the vehicle to give it a fresh scent.

Exterior Car Detailing

While exterior car detailing takes less time, it is still a thorough process. Detailers clean the surface of your car using a high-powered spray. Special tools are used to access the harder to reach parts of your car, including underneath the handles, along the door jambs and the rims of your tires. There are also additional materials to safely clean glass surfaces.

After the initial cleaning, the next step is claying your vehicle. During claying, detailers use a clay bar to remove any impurities along the outside of your car. The clay also dries off your car by absorbing any water leftover from the spray. When your car finishes drying, detailers will polish and seal the vehicle. This is either done with wax or a sealant, depending on your car. Many detailers offer additional services for your engine or headlight. If there is damage to your glass or paint, they can also make repairs during the detailing.

Cost of Car Detailing

Despite how much goes into car detailing, it is not particularly expensive. The price may vary based on which detailer you use, but a basic detailing costs between $75 to $125. If you want a higher end package, the cost is between $125 and $200. Larger vehicles are also more expensive. SUVs and other large vehicles end up costing an extra $25 to $50.

Some detailers also charge extra for mobile detailing services. With this option, instead of bringing your car to a garage, the detailers bring everything right to your home. Mobile detailing is becoming more popular, with many detailers offering it as a service after the 2020 pandemic.

The best way to find car detailers in your area is word of mouth. If you have a mechanic you trust, ask for recommendations. If you are new to the area, you can search online for detailing services. Make sure to pick detailers with positive reviews. A good sign a detailer is legitimate is when they have pictures of their work to support their reviews.