Best Trucks 2022

Are you or a loved one looking to buy a truck? Read below for a helpful guide on choosing the best truck in 2022.

When people hear the word “truck” they think rugged, durable, and big. While this train of thought is not wrong it is not the only reason people buy them. Many owners purchase trucks for the cargo carrying capacity that other vehicles simply can not offer. The large beds that trucks have make them a mainstay within the home improvement and DIY communities. Passenger space is no longer an issue with most truck models having four seats as opposed to the usual two. Some of the higher end models even have five seats. One of the key features that has not changed over the years is that trucks are large and heavy, which makes them safer than the smaller vehicles they share the road with. High winds, rain, snow, sand, the truck was designed to power through it all. 

When buying or thinking of buying a truck these features above are often lost with all the other bells and whistles the trucks come with. This can make deciding on the right truck difficult and stressful. To help minimize the anxiety of picking the right truck, this list helps you to narrow down your choices. The good news is, there is a perfect truck for everyone. 

Types of Trucks

Its almost overwhelming the amount of truck types on the road. However, there are three main types: Full-sized, Mid-sized, and Heavy-duty. Now, most drivers typically drive the full-sized or mid-sized trucks with the heavy-duty types left mostly to construction and transport service vehicles such as coal trucks, fire engines, and buses.  The Full-sized models come with a larger bed, bigger frame and over all tougher build than the mid-sized options. With extra cab space, cargo storage, and safety features, full size trucks have become very popular among families. These types of trucks are also pricier. 

Mid-sized trucks offer all the same bells and whistles as the Full-size trucks just in a smaller package. The main differences between the mid and full-size truck models are that the Mid-size trucks have less hauling capability and are usually cheaper than Full-size trucks. Other than that, mid and full-size trucks are pretty much the same, to the point most Mid-size trucks are just seen as smaller versions of Full-size trucks. 

Heavy duty trucks are the trucks you would normally find on construction sites. These trucks are colloquially referred to “Work Trucks”. These trucks have larger beds and are two seaters, though many companies are now making 3-5 seat variants, and have some of the highest towing capacity of any of the truck types. This also makes them some of the heaviest trucks on the roads. Some models have been recorded as moving loads of 17,000 lbs of cargo with the correct configuration. 

What to Consider when Purchasing a Truck

In the vast sea of trucks, truck types, models, and features it is very easy to feel like you are drowning. Make it easier on yourself and before even looking at trucks decide what it is you want the truck for. Do you want a truck for its towing capabilities or something that is safe and has good cab space? Are you wanting a work vehicle or one to tow the family RV or boat? Figuring out what job you need the truck for helps narrow down the list of trucks to consider. 

Additional factors to keep in mind are MPG (miles per gallon) in and out of the city. Where you would be driving your vehicle is another major factor to consider as different types of trucks are more fuel efficient in different terrains. For example, in the city a manual truck wastes more gas than an automatic. So, if you live and drive in the city a manual truck might not be the best fit. However manual variants are usually cheaper.  

2022 Ford F-150

The 2022 F-150 is the poster child for full-size trucks. The F-150 is one of the top selling truck models on the market right now. The F-150 is so appealing to the consumer base because of its variety. The truck is customizable from the bed length to cab size. This allows every buyer to get exactly the truck they need. The F-150 even has a hybrid model for those who are environmentally conscious but have things to haul. The base model for this truck will run around $31K. 

2022 Toyota Tundra 

The Toyota Tundra is a truck that in the years prior to 2022 was considered a mid-sized truck. However, in 2022 the Tundra was upgraded to full-size giving it all the capabilities of other full-size models. With this upgrade it got a powerful V-6 10 speed automatic transmission. Another change that was made is the rear suspension configuration. The suspension is in a coil pattern rather than the previous leaf configuration. This change gives the Tundra unparalleled handling in rough terrain. So now the Tundra can hang with the big trucks. This truck will cost, for the base model, around 35K from the dealership.

2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500  

When it comes to safety features the Chevy Silverado is in a class of its own. The main selling point is that is has over 15 different camera angles so you can see everything on the road even if you are carrying a massive haul on a trailer.  With a 2.7L turbo engine and 10 speed transmission, this 1500 can haul up to 8900 pounds and not break a sweat. Regular cab price starts at $33k. 

2022 Ram 2500/3500

For a heavy-duty truck none can compare to the 2022 Ram 2500/3500. These behemoths are the epitome of work trucks. The truck comes in two versions: the smaller, yet still substantially large, 2500 and then there is the massive 3500. The main difference besides the size is the engine. The 3500 boasts a much larger and harder working engine than the 2500.  This model is so powerful that they had to limit how much can legally be towed without a commercial license. With power comes a powerful price. Expect to pay, base price of $42,600.