How To Find Deals On Airport Parking

Travel expenses can build up, especially when you have to park your car near the airport while you are away. Read here to find out how you can save on the cost of airport parking today.

When traveling on airplanes, traveling and parking at the airport can be an expense you did not consider when planning your vacation or business trip. The good news is there are ways to save on airport parking. Airports tend to have garage parking, which is costlier than any other type of parking. It can cost you anywhere from $25 a day to even $70 a day at larger airports. Some airports have extended parking lots that require a longer trek to get from the parking lot to the airport check-in, which may run at a lower rate per day starting at around $12. Either way, this expense adds up and may break your trip budget. When planning your trip, there are some steps to take to save on airport parking. Read more to find out the steps to take to save on airport parking today. 

Types of Airport Parking 

When planning for your trip and where you will park your car, it is important to know the types of parking available to you. Parking on airport property is the most expensive option, but it is closest to the terminals and easiest to transport luggage to and from. On-airport parking often offers short term and daily parking options for people who are dropping their loved ones off at the airport or only need to park for a day or two. This can be an affordable option if you are going on a short trip. 

On-airport parking lots offer long term parking rates as well, to decrease expenses if you are going out of town for a week or more. Even though long-term rates are cheaper than paying daily rates, the long-term rates can still be expensive on airport property. An alternative for long-term parking is parking in a third-party lot nearby the airport if they are available. Airports in larger cities are more likely to have these third-party lots nearby, and their average rate tends to start at $12 a day, but decreases with longer length of stay. 

Third-party lots offer heightened security, cheaper rates, and sometimes even amenities, but they will require a longer trek to the airport terminal. At third-party private lots, you can often book your parking ahead of time, which you generally cannot do at on-airport property lots. The third option is to book parking at a hotel near the airport. This is an especially wise option if you are traveling a far distance to your nearest airport and plan to stay at the hotel for the night before you leave on your trip or the day after you return. 

Ways to Save on Airport Parking 

When planning parking for your trip, there are a few ways you can save money on the expense of parking your car. Here are the best strategies for getting the best price on airport parking: 

  • Parking Websites When you are planning your trip, you can check parking websites to book discounted parking in off-airport, third-party lots. Some of the websites you can check include ParkWhiz, Cheap Airport Parking, Global Airport Parking, or The Fast Park. These websites allow you to book your parking in advance, and the lot where you park usually offers a shuttle service from the lot to the airport. Additionally, there are coupon codes for these sites available. 

  • Airport Discounts If you are hoping to park on airport property for proximity, check the airport’s website ahead of time to see if they are running a promotion or discount for parking during the time of your trip. Some airports offer discounts for parking if you pay in advance, which also allows you to secure a spot in the on-property parking lot. Some airports run a promotion during high volume holiday times, where they offer free parking to a limited number of travelers. If you travel often for work, you may be able to purchase a yearly or monthly parking package with the airport. 

  • Parking Coupons Whether you are planning to park in the airport parking lot, a third-party parking lot, or a hotel parking lot, it is worthwhile to do a search online for parking coupons. Many websites will offer discount coupons for travel parking, especially for weekend or long-term parking specials. You can either check discount package sites such as Groupon, or do a quick search by typing in “parking coupon” and your local airport’s name into a search engine. 

  • Hotel Bundles If you must travel a far distance from your home to the location of your nearest airport, you could save money by staying overnight in an airport hotel and purchasing a bundle with the hotel. This includes your stay and parking during the duration of your trip. You can find this discounted bundle by looking for the “Park Stay Fly” option when booking your stay online. The added cost for parking in this bundle is usually a very small addition to the cost of your stay at the airport. Most offer a direct shuttle to the airport.

  • TravelCar If you want to make some money and park for free while traveling, you can participate in the car share service called TravelCar. To participate you have to be comfortable with others driving your car while you are on your trip. However, this is a great option as you are paid up to $.21 for every mile your car is driven, and the parking expenses for the times when your car is not in use is covered by the service. This service will afford you up to $1 million in insurance for theft, or damages, if you choose to participate in this car share venture. Better yet, your car is washed by the service by the time you arrive back at the airport.