Surge In Demand For Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driver jobs typically involve transporting goods and materials along the supply chain, i.e., between retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Some truck drivers also take part in sales and customer service, among other activities.

Truck drivers have the following responsibilities:

  • driving long distances and deliver goods on time
  • loading and unloading cargo
  • refueling and cleaning the vehicle
  • knowing and respecting traffic laws
  • reporting road incidents to the dispatcher, if any
  • inspecting trucks and keeping a record of any issues
  • following accident procedures
  • planning routes using a GPS system
  • maintaining a good relationship as well as a positive attitude with their customers
  • keeping activities logged and log hours
  • reporting mechanical problems to maintenance personnel
  • keeping their commercial driver license up to date

Requirements to Work as a Truck Driver

To work as a truck driver, you need to meet certain requirements:
  • have a commercial driver's license
  • pass a drug and alcohol test
  • have a clean driving record
  • carry a valid motor vehicle record
  • have a high school diploma
  • provide a medical certificate
In addition, truck drivers are expected to have basic repair work knowledge, given that their livelihood depends on their vehicle. They need to be able to identify when the vehicle is having mechanical trouble.

Also, basic knowledge is necessary when you spend so much time on the road. Knowing how to change a tire, measure tire pressure, jump start a vehicle, etc., is key.

How much money do truck drivers make?

They also need a good sense of direction and know how to read a map. The average truck driver in Japan earns about ¥3.5 million per year, which works out to be just over $30,000 USD. However, there is a wide range of salaries depending on the company that a driver works for and the amount of experience that they have. For instance, some new drivers may only earn ¥2 million per year, while more experienced drivers can make ¥5 million or more. In addition, drivers who work for large companies tend to earn more than those who work for smaller firms. Therefore, there is no single answer to the question of how much money truck drivers make in Japan. However, it is safe to say that they can earn a decent salary if they are willing to put in the hours.

Every professional has a life besides work, and so does a trucker driver. Therefore, a good truck driver should be in a position to balance work and life. Many people think that the nature of truck driving does not allow one to have a healthy work-life balance. However, it can be achieved.

To make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver, you need to plan your days off, take healthy food with you, make sure you stop every few hours to stretch and move around.

Your body needs always to be fit because it is the one that keeps the truck moving. Taking time to stretch prevents burnout.

Make sure your diet is healthy and has the necessary nutrients to ensure that your body is always in good health.

You need to spend quality time with your loved ones. Social life is an instrumental part of life, and truck driving can be an especially lonely profession, so whenever you can spend time with your family or friends.

Also, make sure you keep your mind active while driving. Listen to your favorite music or comedy shows while driving, stay active in both mind and body.