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Open enrollment programs let you take classes without signing up for a degree. Find out more about what schools offer the best online learning programs. There are many adults who want to continue getting an education, but are not interested in pursuing a degree. This is especially common for adults who are already working, but want to gain additional knowledge in their field. There are also students who cannot afford college or have too erratic of a schedule to attend school full time. Some colleges offer certification, but only for specific programs. There are also seminars and other educational options, but these are often short and do not provide as much coverage as an actual class or program.

Thanks to an increase in online learning, there are now a number of open enrollment programs available. Open enrollment, also known as open admissions, refers to any program hosted by a university where you do not have to enroll in the college to take the class. Instead of paying thousands of dollars, you only pay for whatever classes you are interested in, with some colleges even providing discounted or free price to lower income students.

Bellevue University

Bellevue is a popular online school because of the transfer policy. The university accepts existing credits from other schools. If you previously attended school but were not able to complete your degree, you may be able to transfer your credits to Bellevue and use your open enrollment classes to finish your degree. Students also enjoy Bellevue because it is a non-profit college, so any money the school makes goes into improving their courses.

There are over 70 open enrollment programs to choose from. Some of the standout programs focus on business, management and leadership. There are also several arts and humanities courses, with Bellevue placing a greater emphasis on communication skills in media jobs and graphic design compared to other programs.

Capella University

Capella was previously known for offering certificate options online, but the program has expanded to include other classes. It is considered one of the strongest colleges for online education, since it is one of the only schools where you can get a doctoral degree remotely. Classes are scheduled throughout the day, making it easy to reserve a spot in whatever program you want. Heading into 2021, the school has received positive reviews from students and academic reviewers, praising the high level of care the professors put into their programs. Some of the standout classes include business, psychology, nursing and information technology. Even with a prestigious reputation, Capella often runs significantly less expensive online programs compared to other colleges.

Florida National University

Heading into 2020, FNU developed a strong reputation for online classes. Many of the programs are more expensive than other online universities, but FNU offers a wider selection of financial aid to balance out the costs. The college is normally praised for having a strong healthcare program, but not all of these courses are available online due to needing lab time. FNU has excellent accounting, business and computer courses as well. There are also several criminal justice and legal programs available. FNU also places a greater emphasis on teaching courses that prepare you for professional success, teaching information in a practical, easy way to apply to your career.

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen has a mixed reputation among Florida students. While this may seem off putting, the majority of complaints focus on the in-person classes, while remote learners are overall satisfied with the courses. Like FNU, Rasmussen focuses on teaching practical lessons that help you apply the skills you learn in class to your professional career. The university also has a number of accelerated learning programs, allowing you to complete classes within four to six weeks. While there are many online programs available, the university is commonly praised for their technology programs, such as computer science, cyber security, data analytics and network support.

Granite State College

Granite State College markets itself towards adult learners who want to attend classes while also maintaining their everyday responsibilities. Granite features a wide range of online programs, with many of their top programs focusing on management. It is also one of the online colleges commonly recognized for having a strong liberal arts program. In addition to focusing on English literature and general writing and editing skills, the program teaches students how to successfully start a career using online media and other digital tools. If you are interested in pursuing a degree later in life, Granite State College boasts one of the higher graduation rates.

Liberty University

While there are many on campus religious schools to choose from, there are limited online options. It is even harder to find an online college providing open enrollment for religious studies. Liberty University focuses on other programs, but it is most known for divinity and theology programs. The school also has an impressive criminal justice program. It is another online university with the option for accelerated learning programs, with most taking eight weeks to complete. Liberty was also one of the first schools to offer remote learning, meaning the school and professors are all quite proficient with running digital classrooms.