Data Center Options 2021

Managed service is a practice & strategy used to increase company efficacy & output. Read a guide on the best data center options available in 2021.

What are some of the top managed data center vendor options for 2021? Data center managed services might seem passive on the surface but are far from it in modern reality. A managed service is one where managerial responsibility is transferred from one person/component/division of a company to another for purposes of increased efficacy and output. Managed data center services focus on handling crucial information technology (IT) aspects of a company including network functionality and security. Therefore, managed data center service jobs are not passive but rather integral to the success of a business and its daily operations.

What sub-categories of managed data center services exist today? How do I go about finding the best services available for my needs? Security networking, collaboration services, colocation and AWS data centers are all available today. Read ahead for an informative guide on the best data center options available for your business in 2021.


Explaining Managed Services

Managed service is a business practice and strategy used to increase efficacy, output and profitability. The general concept is to transfer, or delegate responsibility of daily managerial tasks to a different person or department of a business to another. When done inside a company the process helps spread accountability and increase cohesion & camaraderie among departments/employees. It also increases the value of each employee to the company, while simultaneously growing self-confidence and empowerment in all. 

Keeping a rotating managed services schedule inside the company is not always possible with information technology (IT)-related tasks due to the specificity of the skills and training required for such jobs. When managed services are outsourced to third-party data center vendors the purpose of doing so also involves saving money by reducing physical overhead. Top data center managed services also commonly employ workers with specific and advanced skill sets (and education) capable of improving your company’s bottom line. Managed data center services are also in operation 24/7, seven days a week, which is not possible with most regularly employed staff.

Data Center Infrastructure

Data center infrastructure includes the physical space and resources required to operate the data center services. This also includes any hardware, components, equipment, accessories and machines applicable to the data center. Most of what comprises data center infrastructure is computing-based equipment such as computers, servers, routers, switches, tape storage, software and more. Some items categorized as data center infrastructure are not computer-based, however. For example, wiring and wiring chassis along with physical server racks are part of the data center infrastructure. Cooling devices, generators, cables and the internet backbone itself are all part of modern data center infrastructures in 2021.

Types of Managed Data Center Services

Multiple levels of people/organizations are involved in the hierarchy of a modern managed data center service regardless of type. For example, all managed data centers involve a service provider of some sort, whether they are primarily cloud-based or fully functional on-site physical facilities. Product resellers/distributors, users, system integration specialists and technology distributors/providers are also all involved to varying degrees. Most managed data center services are also comprised of analysts and liaisons especially as they pertain to connecting cloud providers with business users.

Some managed data service centers handle all aspects required. Others specialize in certain areas. 4 common types of managed data center services are:

  1. Security networking.

  2. Collaboration services.

  3. Colocation services.

  4. AWS data center.

1. Security Networking

Managed security networking involves various aspects of network and data security, albeit from a remote/virtual location. This is possible to accomplish using cutting-edge technology and modern interactivity protocols. Tasks pursuant to managed security networking include email/chat security, threat assessment/prevention, asset classification, protection from data leaks, IP filtering and access-control protocols. Anti-spam/malware and device management operation are also involved in security networking processes.

2. Collaboration Services

Managed collaboration services facilitate improved group work environments. This is done from on-site and remote/virtual locations alike. Collaborative services software (groupware) reduces the typical expenses associated with group employment activities, while simultaneously increasing intuitive workflow for all parties involved.

3. Collocation Data Centers

Colocation data centers house privately owned networking gear and servers in remote centers/locations. These centers are shared facilities and are best suited for companies seeking to keep total control over their own equipment. Using colocation data centers is cheaper than building a new facility from the ground up. Colocation data centers also provide access to higher levels of bandwidth and are ultimately more reliable than many other options. Their reliability is due in large part to multiple data backup options, low-latency networking, CCTV monitoring, mantraps, suppression systems and more.

4. AWS Data Center

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform, which provides computing power, content delivery, database storage and more. AWS is the most widely used platform service of its kind in the world today. Its two hundred+ managed data center services are stationed around the world serving millions of consumers. The AWS cloud platform is comprehensive and helps its users to lower costs, expand business demographics and even launch brand-new enterprises.

Top Data Center Managed Services Vendors for 2021

The top data center managed service vendors all provide excellent customer service, exceptional data security, top-tier functionality and friendly pricing. Many managed data center services are good but several rise above the others to provide truly remarkable service. The top data center managed service vendors for 2021 are: